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Internet Marketing - Stepping Out Of The Shadows

Oct 4, 2007
When you engage in Internet marketing you may feel as if you are trying to sell people on yourself? This can be uncomfortable.

Many people feel strange about trying to 'sell' themselves to prospective clients. They enjoy what they do, and they believe in their product, but it all feels a little egotistical to engage in marketing practices that include the 'individual' behind the screen.

In the Wizard of Oz, the Great Oz really wasn't all that great so he hid behind a curtain and scared a lion, tin man, scarecrow and a little girl. It was the proverbial smoke and mirrors that caught someone less than stellar attempting to market themselves as something more than they were.

It's this scenario that many business owners do not want for their online marketing efforts.

Are you hung up on this issue?

The best advice I can give is to focus your Internet marketing efforts on your product and away from yourself. This isn't to say you don't figure into the marketing efforts, but you accept the role of stage manager while the product takes center stage.

I suppose it is possible you have enough name recognition that it may prove useful in your marketing efforts, but if not you really don't have to make the marketing of your ecommerce website about you.

Often businesses can move along faster when they understand that especially with Internet marketing the person behind the website may be less important than the product being marketed.

In brick and mortar stores we often equate the buying experience with an individual or owner in that business. They may have mixed feelings about being so inextricably tied to the business or product, but that's how we relate in a face-to-face business environment.

The Internet has allowed reluctant entrepreneurs to step out of the shadows and find an online place where they can develop an idea into a thriving business. This environment does not require a face, gender identity, age or ethnicity to be revealed. It is a nearly perfect environment for those who have always wanted to try their hand at business to do so.

Certainly you can infuse your personality into a website, you can even use your name and photo if you want to, but the good news is it is not absolutely necessary.

If you have been reluctant maybe this article can provide the encouragement you need to step out of the shadows and take a few bold steps forward toward online business success.
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