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Targeted Traffic Directed To A Targeted Sales Page Brings Money

Oct 4, 2007
When you make a marketing piece, call your friends up, email them, tell them to look at your lead capture page, look at your ad, look at your auto responder series, read through it. Do not ask them what they think, ask them what they thought. Not that they thought it was good, but what were they thinking when they read your pieces. Just ask them, have them look at it and you say what do you think and they say oh great. Well if they say that, you need to change your marketing material.

Now, if you ask them what do you think and they say it made me want to buy the product, that is different. If they do not have the product that you are selling or are a member of it and they say that, they probably would say hey, I would like to get this, what is it that you are talking about, I would like to get it. Well that is a very good marketing piece. Then you can go ahead and spend some money on it, still test it, but you can spend some money on it and tweak it a little bit, until you have the sales process that you want.

If you start out and you are getting one sale out of every hundred op-ins or people that look at your sales page then, you keep tweaking it until you get down to however many sales you want per amount of people that look at the page. We will be putting software in our higher level package, copyrighted software, that basically takes paragraphs, takes headlines and literally compares it to some of the best pulling words and ads and things in the whole world and rates it.

What does that do for me, if I had a headline in a lead capture page or a sales page that might have taken me weeks or even months to get it to, I mean testing it multiple ways, because when you are testing you could change a word or two and you go and get traffic to it. Then you come back and change something, get traffic to it and this could be an ongoing process for days, weeks and months.

What this software will do and we have used this for a while, it literally will safe you money from testing, you do not spend money on testing, it will save you time. It will put more money in your pocket because you will get the right paragraph, the right line, the right headline from fifteen minutes or a half hours worth of playing around with it at what would take you months to get the same results. Literally double and tripling the response rate of the ad without even testing it. This is the type of software and other things that we will be putting in our back office from our rolodex of things that we use on a daily basis.

We will also be putting on some businesses online that either will help you make life easier, or will make you more money. We will be sharing that with you when you purchase the higher level program. If you did not get anything out of this article but to target market and who to target and how to target it, take that and run with it. Take my simple formula, targeted traffic pointed towards a targeted sales page equals commissions. Look at your own business, if it is not doing that, than fix it. Until then you are not going to get the results that you want.

I will be putting out more articles that will help your business and make the difference on whether you fail or succeed. It will make the difference whether you are now making a few thousand dollars a month or ten thousand dollars a month to going up to making thirty, forty or fifty thousand dollars a month, or if you are making forty or fifty thousand dollars a month going up to a hundred or two hundred thousand dollars a month. This stuff matters. If you are going to invest your time and money in this industry, you have to take the time and learn the proper way to do things.

If you do not, you will keep getting the same results. The people who routinely fail, routinely do the same things that cause them to fail.
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