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Are There Pitfalls To Taking Paid Surveys?

Oct 4, 2007
Youve just ask one of the best and most common questions of all paid survey questions. If youve been wondering yes everything in life has a downside to it. So I hope you keep in mind that nothing is perfect.

But for everyone else whos trying to make an additional incoming taking paid surveys youll be happy to know that the pitfalls are not major disappointments and that you should still take paid surveys. However as promised well get into the pitfalls of paid surveys.

Most people dont realize this but one of the most common pitfalls to paid surveys is the amount of surveys that you can take. When you sign up to take paid surveys you dont get spammed with countless of surveys to do. In fact the frequency of surveys might be 1 per day. So dont get confused and think that youll instantly make thousands of dollars in the first month.

No youll be paid around $5 for a standard survey. Which is quite a lot considering youll be spending a few minutes on it. This comes to around $100 - $150 per month in extra income. Not what youd expect
However, if you sign up to a paid survey site with a database of a few hundred companies offering you $5 surveys, youll end up with a few dozen surveys per day.

This can be pay handsomely if you take the time to do them. Eventually you could make around $2,000 a month which is pretty good for a side income. So doing around 12 surveys a day can boost you to this level. But this is where another pitfall comes up.

Some $5 surveys can be time consuming to take and for the rewards its sometimes not that great. If it takes half an hour to an hour to complete a survey, and you take 12 surveys a day youll end up with a full time job.
The next pitfall is some companies that you join to take paid surveys, can start sending you promotional material which is pretty much spam. It can lead to a lot of junk mail in your inbox.

One of the best ways to over the major pitfalls in taking paid surveys is to join up sites with a list of good companies that pay well per survey. Look for surveys ranging from $40 and up. Some surveys can take an hour or two so youll have to work your reward and time ratio.

Sign up to paid surveys but create a new email per survey company. So if youre getting spam from one company, make sure you dont do surveys from them again. Some of pitfalls in taking paid surveys can be harsh however now that you know them, you have to stay ahead of the game by planning your time right and finding the right companies.
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