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The Good Kind Of Traffic

Oct 5, 2007
Nobody likes traffic. Radio stations start broadcasting traffic control reports at about 4:30 p.m. just so people can avoid it. Folks are known to drive miles out of their way to get around it and many a long afternoon has been spent sitting in the car listening to the radio watching the bumper in front of you inch along as you try to get home to a nice dinner. However there is one group of people who like traffic a lot. Web designers. In fact, a large part of their job is generating traffic. Getting people to come by their web site and look at what it has to say or to sell is a primary goal for web designers. The more traffic, the better the day. There are certain ways these designers can go about bringing the most traffic for the least amount of effort to their site.


E-cards are a fun way for people to keep in touch without actually having to take the time to sit down and write out a long letter. Even better, e-cards offer a chance to share a specific image or idea with someone. The ability to personalize e-cards and send them for free will bring people flocking to your doors. The more specialized the web site, the more influential the cards can become. If you have a web site selling sewing supplies, you can set up a few cards with pictures of quilts or funny quilting quotes on them. The site will get double exposure from people sending the cards and people retrieving the cards and eventually they'll begin to look at what your site has to offer also. E-cards offer a cheap and easy way to increase traffic dramatically.


Nothing makes your day better than smiling, and nothing makes you smile better than seeing a funny cartoon at the bottom of the site. Soon people will be logging into your site just to see what their favorite cartoon character is up to. While they're there they will take a look at the rest of your information or products. For a small fee, some cartoonists will let you link your site to their strip. Other sites offer comic placement right in your own home page. Finding a cartoon whose topic matches the topic of your web site offers another chance to reinforce your message and encourage people to stop by and share that information with others.

Web rings

As good as some of them may be, no one web site contains everybody's answers to every problem. So when a user is on one site, they are likely to want to look at another one offering the same product or information. Being a part of a web ring can help you create traffic on your site as people begin to look for more sites to add to their search. Each Web ring will provide you with the protocol to add your site then their users can access that through their portal or through links from other sites. One feature many Web rings have is the "random site" which allows a user to jump into your site without having to type in key words to find it. This feature not only increases traffic but brings new traffic your way.

Traffic may never be something a lot of us rush to be in. For web designers, however, the information highway is ready to be traveled.
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