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Cards For Colleagues

Oct 5, 2007
First impressions do last. But it would last even longer if along with that first impression is a little something to remember you by. Like newfound friends giving friendship bracelets, couples exchanging rings and some people trading each other's pictures, business colleagues give away calling cards. These cards are primarily for contacting purposes but they can also serve as a reminder or even as a form advertisement. That is basically why having a calling card is a very effective way of competing in the industry.

There is a wide range of business cards available today. If you are an employer then you have to think about getting one for your company. If you are a high-ranking employee who usually represents the company during corporate affairs, then you should have one. Here are some pointers that could help you when you have decided to have a calling card made.


Calling cards are made to fit in a person's wallet. In this case, there is a high possibility that that person will remember you. So if you are thinking of giving off a lasting impression by getting an enormous card, then you should think twice. The standard size is 2 x 3.5.


If you are the employer, start with the business name, business type, a catchy slogan of your company, hours open, your name as the owner, contact information, address and company website. If you are the company's representative, put the company's name first, followed by your name, position, the company's address and contact information, as well as yours, and website.


Depending on what the company's line of work is, you don't need to place a symbol of the profession. You could try various designs and patterns that are not hard to place a connection with your company. For instance, if you organize parties and events, you could tell people of how fun and exciting your parties are by making your business card look cool and definitely not boring at all. The important thing is that you show people what you mean and that is business. Avoid putting too much distraction in the card.

If you find having someone else make your business cards such a hassle, you could always make your own. All you need is software, some creativity and a lot of patience. Once you have your cards, give them away for people to see. Pretty soon, people will start going to you to have their business cards made. The next thing you know, you have just started up another business.
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