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This Dog Could Own A Company!

Oct 5, 2007
Meet Snickers. She's my one year old Puggles. And I am convinced that if she were human she could really own her own company! Snickers has some wonderful business characteristics. Let me share a couple.

This dog can FOCUS! Yes, I know she is only little over a year old. And she is curious! She checks out everything and nothing goes without her attention and curiosity. And when she gets interested in someone or some thing, you can't get her attention off it/them.

I've seen me get Snickers away from some toy or object or bone or something she should not have, only to realize when my guard was down, that her attention was focused back on that forbidden item. Business owners, managers, and sales people should be focused. Too often they give up way too soon. Say no, and some sales people are ready to take a hike. Divert their attention and some sales people will give in and give up. Not Snickers! She has focus!

Take her to another room and she's back again. Hide the object and she searches until she finds it. Oh, if business people would have that tenacity. If only, they too would keep their eyes on the goal, and never give up. Many a sale has been lost, because the sales person gave up too early.

Snickers LOVES PEOPLE. I do not care who comes to the door, they are welcomed with a wagging tale and movements typical of Snickers. There are no strangers, unless they do not stop at our house. If they walk or jog by, she gives them a bark. If they stop, she gets excited.

Companies that grow must have people who care about others. They must gravitate toward people. They must welcome them and enjoy them just as they are. Too often we see them as just another sale, but people need to be valued for who they are. That is what my dog, Snickers, does. She values each person that comes into her life. They are a friend for life!

Snickers has ENTHUSIASM! No matter what she is doing, this dog is enthusiastic. When you come home, she's excited. When she's playing with you, she's enthusiastic. When she goes outside, she's enthusiastic.

People in business must maintain an attitude of ENTHUSIASM. Sure the going gets rough. The directions are not always clear. The problems seem insurmountable, but all that can drag you down. People do not want to be around pessimistic, down in the dumps, "lost their perspective" kind of people. And they do not want to buy from them.

So you need to watch your attitude! Attitude is very crucial. Employees need to see a positive attitude. Prospects need to see a positive attitude. Investors need to see a positive attitude. AND ENTHUSIASM IS EVERYTHING.

Persistence is Snickers middle name. If she wants your attention, this little 20+ pound dog overturns her food bowl, so she can tell you how hungry she is. If you do not pay attention, or are doing something, she looks right at you, and does it again. She does not give up.

People involved in business as owners, managers, and sales people absolutely need the characteristic of persistence. They cannot afford the attitude that you can give up. It requires knowing where you are going, having a written business plan, and not letting ANYTHING turn your attention away. It means that when you want to end the day, you do something MORE anyway. When you are thinking it is time to change course, you evaluate and then keep course anyway. In reality, you eat, sleep and dream your business, especially if you are a start up. Not much of anything can come in the way.

Well, Snickers makes a lot of mistakes. She is still in many ways a puppy. She chews things, often the wrong things. She likes to go after my pant leg if I am not home and giving her attention enough. She has some bad habits too.

You guessed it; business people have their faults too. In spite of the mistakes, people in business go beyond their mistakes, and learn from them. Just as Snickers is successful, in spite of her faults, business owners, managers and sales people CAN BE TOO.
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Paul Donihue is CEO of a business financial solutions company. Look for his new book, 11 Ways to KILL Your Business...And Avoid Success! to be released soon as an eBook, print book and in audio book form. Visit his blog at http://www.dontkillyourbusiness.typepad.com/ or http://www.blowthedoorsoffbusiness.com/
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