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Maximize Marketing Effectiveness With A Browser Toolbar

Oct 5, 2007
Today we are living in a highly competitive business environment and it is absolutely required and essential for companies and internet marketers to maximize marketing effectiveness without much expenses and work to compete effectively online.

How much it would be worth for you to have your logo and an arsenal of direct deep links to your site as well as an dynamic updating news ticker about your companies products directly in the user's face every time they open their browser window?

What do you think about a tool that would offer outstanding added value to your vistors and clients by improved accessibility to your websites content, fully-featured add-ons build in and available 24/7 hours a day with a single click on their browser?

Value up your website, build up loyal customer clientele and create credibility and trust with your own customized browser toolbar. MyViralToolbar is one of the most effective ways to get in touch with your users and members.

Now you can offer your own customized browser toolbar similar to google and yahoo toolbars to your visitors, customers and members, linking their browser to your website! Imagine your toolbar installed on dozen, hundreds, even thousands of computers of people who visit your website. You may be able to get thousands even millions of people worldwide to download your toolbar.

By providing a toolbar jam-packed with viral marketing features and functions that competitors do not have you will be able outsell your competition with ease.

Dynamic viral toolbars are an effective way to drive thousands of repeat visitors back to your web site, and generate revenue from many different sources like lead generation, affiliate programs and product selling. It is simply a proven viral marketing concept and the next generation of advanced internet marketing.

Here's a quick run down of everything a Toolbar can do for you...

- Build up loyality
- Increase revenue
- Corporate branding
- Powerful viral marketing
- Improved accessibility
- Product recognition
- Increased traffic
- Added value
- Advanced browsing experience
- Repeat website traffic
- Realtime marketing
- Maximized effectiveness

The Top 10 advantages of your own customized Toolbar

1) Earn revenue from your payperclick search engine affiliate links and get money for every search your toolbar users generate.

2) Advertise your own products using the toolbar or promote affilite products.

3) Increase traffic to your own sites and offer direct one-click access to your your website or special promotional offers only available for your toolbar users.

4) Offering your own custom branded toolbar to your users give them a software with added value and is a unique and mutually-beneficial service.

5) Get your site right in front of your users screen everytime they browse through the internet.

6) Your viral toolbar will be recommended by your users because of the useful features like popup-blocker, highlight text, spyware detector, mp3 player, news ticker and much much more...

7) Build customer retention, brand awareness and user loyalty and rapidly increase your traffic and generate online revenues from different sources from your dynamic toolbar.

8) Update special portions of your own fully branded toobar whenever you want through editing simple html files on your own server.

9) Give your users the ability to customize their toolbar with their bookmarks from an easy to use web-based script running on your own hosting account.

10) You will be able to deliver relevant information like the local weather, stock quotes, company news and much more right to your users toolbar.

Place your website in your users browser to help brand your name and to help you communicate more easily and efficiently with them and have your site content and links accessible with a single click from any place on the internet anytime they surf as your own dynamic toolbar appears every time they open their browsers!

Dynamic toolbars are an effective way to drive thousands of repeat visitors back to your web site, and generate revenue from many different sources like lead generation, affiliate programs and product selling. You will learn the advantages of toolbar marketing and how to use a toolbar to effectively market your product.
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