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Motivating Consumers With A Successful E-mail Marketing Strategy

Oct 5, 2007
Almost everyone who uses a computer at home or at work has at least one e-mail account that they look at daily. This makes e-mail one of the most effective online marketing tools. Not only is it inexpensive, you can reach thousands of people in a very short period of time. Your e-mail marketing can be a newsletter, special promotion, audio file, or any other form of communication that you want to use as a means of motivating consumers to make a purchase.

You may be surprised to discover just how often e-mail marketing is used by large and small businesses that conduct business via the internet. On average it is believed that 73% of online marketing is conducted in this manner. This is because it has been proven to be effective. The average rate of return on each person the e-mail marketing campaign is sent to is just over $15.

Since many new online businesses don't have very much money to invest in marketing, they have found it to be the most affordable option that they have. You can make your e-mail marketing information appear very professional and that can help your business start building a quality reputation with the target market. You can expect to generate fast results too because e-mail accounts generally get accessed on a regular basis.

Who should you send your e-mail marketing campaigns to? It is a good idea to start building your own opt in list. Many people will sign up if you offer them a free newsletter or other types of materials they will find of value. Focus on the quality of your list rather than the size of it though. Don't go out and by a pre-made list because you won't get a good rate of conversion into sales from doing so.

You can be in trouble for sending SPAM if you are sending materials to people who haven't agreed to let you send it. Your e-mail marketing materials all have to offer them a way to be removed from your mailing list. Make sure you process these requests quickly in order to keep everyone happy. If you have more than one affiliate program or business you operate, keep separate lists for each one. You have no right to send information to e-mails you have collected for one purpose information on another business you have.

Try to establish regular contact with those on your opt in list. This way it will keep your business name and what you have to offer fresh in their minds. A monthly newsletter is a great way to always have something to offer. Make sure you keep it informative instead of just promotional. This way you will build a strong base of people who look forward to receiving that newsletter on a monthly basis.

It is important for you to write original material for your newsletters instead of copying what is already available. Make sure you verify the accuracy of all the information you include so that you don't lose your credibility with the readers. Are you confused about what to write about? Ask your reader's to provide you with feedback about what they want information on. They will be glad you are taking their needs into consideration and you will develop plenty of good ideas for articles to include in your newsletter.

The best way to manage your opt in list is with the use of an autoresponder. This way you can easily address newsletters and other forms of e-mail marketing to the consumers. You can also separate your list to send specific promotions to people on your list based on who has made previous purchases and who hasn't.

Most autoresponders also allow you to track the success of your e-mail marketing campaigns. You can identify how many pieces of the material have been opened and what your conversion rate is. Paying attention to these details will help you have a successful e-mail marketing strategy in place for your online business.
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