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Is Your Reception Letting Your Business Down?

Oct 5, 2007
Visiting a business for the first time a potential client's first point of call is the reception. If the reception desk is not inviting or worse still cluttered and untidy, then your potential customer might believe that the whole business is disorganized!

As the first point of contact the receptions desk should reflect the ethos and identity of your business. It is often your first chance to impress a potential customer or a future supplier.

Businesses should spend just as much time and effort on their reception as they do on their logos, brochures and website. Remember to try and coordinate the furniture elsewhere so that the offices and boardroom also fit in with your receptions design.

If you use bright and bold colors for your reception, it might signify that your company is forward thinking, embraces technology and likes to portray a cool & innovative image.

If you have a more traditional reception it could signify that your business is well established and respected in the community. It can signify conservatism and generate respect from your visitors.

On the outside it should be inviting, welcoming and friendly. Your visitor should be drawn to it and feel relaxed approaching it.

On the inside it should function well as a work station. It must have enough desk and drawer space so that the receptionist can stay organized and uncluttered. If the receptionist is comfortable s/he is much more likely to greet your visitors with a smile.

Phones on the desk should be cordless so that they can be passed to a visitor without worrying about wires. They can then make an important call whilst waiting for their appointment or speak to the person they have come to see.

There must be comfortable seating preferably with arm rests if your visitors are expected to wait for any amount of time. Bear in mind that in this day and age you might also need to provide power sockets so that they have someplace to plug their laptops.

A coffee and tea vending machine is ideal for a busy reception and can make the life of a receptionist a lot easier. A nice coffee table where you can also leave your company brochure finishes of the reception.

The reception is often the first place where real impressions are created and the tone is set for any business that might take place. Is your business giving the right impression to first time visitors?
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