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A Taboo Will Not Always Be A Taboo

Oct 7, 2007
Man is truly unique. As time goes by, he or she becomes aware of ways in order to cope with the fast pacing lifestyle of people around him or her. With everything is always changing in a nick of time, he or she must also flow with each pacing of time. So today, man's nature is to think and do the easiest way to anything, and almost to everything.

Along with the saying that money makes the world go round, so as man needs to find means through earning a living. In order to cope with the environment he or she is living, man has to satisfy all his or her needs and wants. With all that driving force, man must find ways to gain merely instant money for survival. This is where Internet Marketing comes in.

Internet Marketing ties together both the creative and technical aspects of the internet, including design, development, advertising and sales. Internet Marketing methods include search engine marketing, display advertising, affiliate marketing, interactive advertising, and alike.

An enthusiast of internet marketing has proven there is an act that in most cases is a taboo to do. That act is stealing. In a business like Internet Marketing, site stealing is normal. Almost everybody in any ways they could do does it. A marketer may grab a sentence or two is the simplest of all. This could be easy money for in three days time, one could have at least more than a hundred dollars. Next, a marketer may also grab the whole page.

He or she may retrofit for his or her purpose. Then, a marketer may as well knock a whole store. However, this is more dangerous than the first two strategies. Further, the next one is to get the entire site that is already making money.

Moreover, a marketer share his or her sentences, let his or her whole page grabbed, knock his or her store, and let his or her sites grabbed by other marketers. Lastly, there is what a guru call viral 5. This means that this time, the one who 'steals' may become the boss now. With this, a marketer may earn many figures as he or she may get.

It is a fact for most internet marketer that creeping other sites or web page strategy really works and it is not prohibited. So, with these tactic at hand, man can survive the fast pacing and changing time. These strategies work with hard work and perseverance.
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Garland Choate (GR) is a retired Airline Captain who now publishes articles from the USVI. Find many great articles about Site Stealing at http://www.sitestealing.wahwarriors.com
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