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Manage Every Business Day & Make It Count

Oct 7, 2007
Many people running their business walk into their place of work with very little idea of what they are going to do and achieve that day. They simply do not manage their time. For them their working day is dictated to by circumstances that drag them from pillar to post.

By having a plan and making a decision about how and what you are going to do you will find that so much more gets done. The best way I have found is to make a small list the night before and decide what needs done the next day.

Allocate time segments to each task and prioritise them so that you are aware of the order in which they need to be completed. Rather than stopping for tea breaks and lunch breaks based on a digital clock... base your rest periods around your tasks.

People who do not manage their time will find that it will get managed for them. I like to divide my day in small, medium and large time blocks. I usually do larger more difficult tasks first thing in the morning and save the smaller easier tasks for later in the day as tiredness creeps in and my powers of concentration wane.

By making a conscious decision about what I am going to do in each time block leads to getting so much more done. Sometimes I even surprise myself by finishing all my tasks early!

By analysing my use of time and doing the hardest tasks first, I am left with the pleasant less important tasks in the second half of the day. Off course problems will occur during the day that can drag me away from my purpose but I try and deal with them so that I can get back on track.

If I get a non urgent call I ask the caller to phone after 4:30pm. I don't mind wasting precious time later on in the day!

Finally at the end of the working day I always make sure that my desk and the office is tidy and uncluttered, ready for business next morning.

Do you know what you are going to be doing today? Have you allocated a certain amount of time to each task? With a little bit of planning you can get more done in less time and perhaps even finish work earlier.
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