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How To Effectively Distribute Your Juicy Short Reports and Hot Articles

Oct 7, 2007
Having a huge bank full of content you have created to use online is a golden resource that I am sure any marketer would use a lot. But once you have put the effort it to create the content it would be a sickener to see that go to waste. What dissapoints me is that many marketers are blindly letting this happen to them everyday without knowing. Using the following techniques we will ensure that never happens to you.

When you have created your articles you must go through the right process to distribute them as widely as possible across the net. The first thing I do is post every article I write in any niche onto at least one of my various blogs, this beefs up my own site with meaty content for visitors.

The second thing I do is send SOME of my articles to various ezine owners I know and offer them the chance to publish it. To increase my chances I allow them to replace the link to my site with their affiliate link to my product. I then send alot of my articles to various article banks across the web.

Some people chose only to submit to their favourites but I chose to use a service called Article Marketer, which removes 100% of the hassle and submits your articles to litrally hundreds of sites. After this I add my article to the right sections in some of my favourite forums and also refer people to it who have a problem it could answer.

The final thing I do is send my articles to my mailing list/s, sometimes the articles I send to my lists are written for only my readers and are therefor only sent to them and posted on my blog/s. This gives it the exclusivity factor. Make sure your articles are easy to read and flow well so people do not get quickly bored.Make them JUICY and FRESH.

Short reports are an online marketers godsend! Where would be without them? A question I would not like to answer, because I think one of the easiest ways to make fast cash online is to create a small report, and sell it for a small price. If you get great exposure to your report you can easily make 2-5 thousand dollars and more from the single report.

You can also make 10's of thousands of dollars if you use your report to gain traffic to another higher priced product. You must post your short report in the big forums in your niche, if you have a good reputation for quality, you will no doubt have people jumping to download a 'FREE' product of yours.

Also make sure you add links to your blog and website, hand it out to your subscribers and add it to your autoresponder sequence. Maybe do a press release about some of your reports. Get other ezine owners to distribute your report, to get them to do this I advise you to either mention their product in the report or let them change the link to your product to their affiliate link to the same product.#

My Hot tip for short reports is to create at least 1 a week, you will reap the benefits, and to then add most if not all to various auto responder seqeunces. That way every single person who opts in to your list receives every report you have ever written. This way you do not let the people who have only recently joined your list lose out.

My final note is to make sure your content is always easily accessible. If people cannot easily download your report or read your article they are not going to hang around for your next one, no matter how good you promise it will be. Just make sure you get as many people reading and re-distributing your various materials as possible.
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