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Internship Cover Letters Strategies

Oct 8, 2007
What is the one thing that stands between you and the internship position you desire? Chances are that one thing is experience. You are young, and you have spent your time and effort getting your education, but that comes at the expense of practical experience. You have the head knowledge, but not the hands on part. So how do you write a cover letter that will land you the internship?

Fortunately, most employers understand that potential interns do not have much in the way of practical experience. That is why you are trying to get the internship. The key for you is to be able to highlight what you do have: education, willingness, and enthusiasm. Also, remember that although you may not have on the job experience, you do have experience. Every successful project you worked on while getting your degree is an experience.

The main job of the cover letter is to draw interest, and to lead the reader toward the resume. For most cover letters, you do this by highlighting your experiences. Obviously, this is not going to work for you. With limited experience, you have to use other things to build that interest. One way to do that is to show a passion for learning and trying new things.

Be specific about the position you are going after. Make the effort to find out the name of the person doing the hiring and address your letter to them. You should also find out as much as you can about the internship, and what you will be expected to do in that position. That information will help you target the rest of your letter toward that specific job. Make sure your cover letter is unique, not a free sample that you downloaded off the internet. While these may serve as a reference point, they do not reflect you, or your unique personality.

When writing your cover letter, make sure you draw attention to the things that are in your resume, do not focus on what is not there. The person reviewing your cover letter realizes you are lacking in experience, you do not have to mention that. What you do have to focus on is what you can offer the company as an intern. If there are certain areas of your studies that you were excited about, be sure to mention that. Talk about your part in successful projects. Mention any academic accomplishments you received.

As with any cover letter, this is your chance to market yourself. You have to convince the hiring manager "You should hire me, and this is why." Your enthusiasm and your passion need to come through for that to happen. Employment screeners read a lot of dull lifeless cover letters. They can tell after a brief look whether they want to invest the time to look a little closer. Your energy has to come through in that first brief look, or your cover letter will end up on the scrap heap, and you will not even be considered for the internship. The competition is fierce, so you need to do what it takes to get noticed.

Do not forget to ask for an interview. One thing all successful sales people will tell you is that sales letters that work include a call to action. Your cover letter is your personal sales letter. If you do not ask for the interview, you are letting the reader off the hook. After asking for the interview, be sure to include a phone number so the company can contact you. Then let them know when you will be contacting them to follow up. When that date comes, be sure to call This shows that you do what you say you are going to do, and that you are interested enough in the internship to make the extra effort.

You are your own cheerleader. You have to do it or no one will. Your cover letter is your tool to let hiring manager know that you are the best possible candidate for this internship. You have the education, the passion for learning, and the desire to succeed that will make you a valuable asset to the company. This is your chance to shine.
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