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What To Wear For A Job Interview

Oct 8, 2007
You have an upcoming job interview, for you may have just recently graduated or is thinking about making a career change. The interview is your one shot at creating a good and lasting impression in order to get the job or position.

It is important for any interviewee to dress to impress and so a job interview calls for a serious business suit. Interviewers can create a first impression about you in a matter of seconds based on how you are dressed. You need to dress the part to show them that you are dead serious.

While they would consider your educational background, degree, relevant experience, personality and motivation for the job, it doesn't mean that appearance is not important to them. After all, they would want their future employees to exude and display a certain corporate image and they will look for that in you.

Also, while job interviewers would understand that those who are just starting with their careers like the fresh graduates will have a limited budget for a work wardrobe, they still expect them to wear clean and appropriate clothing befitting of their company image.

You should as much as possible wear a suit. It definitely creates an impression that you are indeed serious as compared to a sports coat. The ideal colors would be navy or charcoal gray in a single breasted suit. A black suit would be more for business social functions and funerals so navy would be a more tasteful choice.

Your suit should be buttoned when you enter the office but you could unbutton it when you sit down. The bottom button should not be buttoned. Before you stand up to leave the office, your suit should be buttoned once again if you had unbuttoned it upon sitting down.

Never ever wear a short sleeve with a tie. White long sleeve shirt only with a straight point collar. It is recommended to wear a suit in solid color and a tie with patterned design. Avoid wearing pink or yellow colored ties and instead opt for serious colors like burgundy and others. An excellent design for a tie would be one that is in a solid color, small patterns or stripes. Make sure that the tie is long enough to reach your waist band or belt buckle. As long as you change the tie you will be wearing, you can still wear the same suit for subsequent interviews.

Your sock's color should match your shoes and it should allow coverage so as not to expose your leg's skin when you cross your legs. Your trousers' length should cover your socks and choose a belt with a small buckle.

Lastly for the shoes, choose classic lace-ups in brown, black or cordovan. It should be well-shined and in good condition.
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