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Unique Selling Points That Will Put You Ahead Of The Competition

Oct 8, 2007
One of the most important things you can do when you start a home based business is establish how you market to your niche. You need to reach your specific customer and the only way to do that is by writing a very descriptive unique selling point.

There are many different type of Unique selling points that you can target. You need to look at something in your industry where the competition is lacking or where you exceed their capabilities. This might take some thought to figure this out, but it would be worth your time to figure it out.

When you write out a unique selling point make sure that you can cut out all of the fluff that goes with a description. Often writing it down still doesn't give clarity, but it takes some revising to find out what will reach your prospects.

One way that you can build a good unique selling point is by creating variety. Make sure to express what is standard out in the industry and then quantify how different what you have to offer compared to the lack of variety of others.

Another option is a price discount with just as good quality as the competition. This will require you not just to say a percentage off, but on top of that give an example of what that means. People will not care if something is 25% off if it is still out of their price range.

The best unique selling point is serviced based as far as I am concerned because this handles most customer's biggest problem of fear that they are going to get a raw deal. The longer the warranty on the product then the less concerns you will actually have because it is a safety blanket that they will appreciate.

I remember returning a bag without a receipt to a company that I figured they wouldn't give me much help, but they allowed not only for me to return the bag, but on top of it they allowed for me to get a brand new bag that was better than the first. I was deeply impressed with the service and I will not forget it.

All of these options for unique selling points are great, but most importantly they require you to be be clear and precise. The better you are able to compare and quantify then you will help them to understand more fully what value you truly offer them.
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