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The Clickbank Numbers Game

Oct 8, 2007
The Clickbank marketplace has become the choice for most internet marketers who are seeking extra sources of income and the means to market quality products. Product owners and affiliates alike are drawn to this online landscape where listing and selling services abound. As the Clickbank community has grown, countless opportunities for online business owners have increased as well. For example, product owners can employ an army of affiliates to market their creations to the internet community. Also, Clickbank affiliate members can choose any product to market and receive a substantial portion of the income that they generate through affiliate sales. Most online business owners virtually eschew the idea of sales being a so-called numbers game, but the reality of Clickbank is that it is, in many ways, a numbers game that deserves significant attention.

Having a Clickbank product for sale affords the internet business owner a great opportunity to utilize a large contingent of affiliates. The product owner should recognize the importance of offering a fair share of the proceeds. Cindy Tanner began to list products on Clickbank two years ago and noticed mixed results. "When I got started on Clickbank, the sales from affiliates were sluggish. I had one affiliate who always did a great job with anything I listed. He suggested that I increase my percentage given to affiliates. So I went from twenty-five percent to fifty percent. At first, I thought it was a bad idea, then I noticed that sales were skyrocketing and I had more income than ever before. Now I offer fifty percent for each product and it works like a charm". The numbers game that Cindy Tanner uses is proof that it truly works.

When affiliates obtain a Clickbank account, they have a unique advantage over non-members who are seeking to sell products that they didn't create. Andy Collier has been a Clickbank affiliate for several years and has never created a product. Collier explains why he became associated with Clickbank. "I've always been good at sales, but never had the desire to create my own products. I use Clickbank and I'm always able to find a good product with at least a fifty percent split in the profits. I never deal with anyone who offers less". Collier recognizes the importance of offering an appropriate profit sharing level between affiliate and product designer.

The Clickbank marketplace offers product creators and affiliates the opportunity to succeed with advanced tools and marketing principles. By and large, it is a numbers game for both sides, but it also requires a high degree of professional interaction. It is definitely a win-win scenario.
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About the author: Thomas Garrison is a charter member of Earners Guild. For more information on the Clickbank marketplace, visit Earners Guild at http://www.earnersguild.com/clickbank, where you'll find step-by-step video training for anyone interested in starting or growing an online business.
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