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Pay-Per-Click Advertising On Autopilot

Oct 8, 2007
Many affiliate marketers are looking for solutions to automate the process of doing business online using pay-per-click search engines to drive traffic to their sites. And I am one of those with an interest in maximizing my time while balancing a full-time career and a family. Out of necessity, I have searched for potential solutions and recently became aware of a newly released tool known as SpeedPPC.

It is a productivity tool that the developer suggests can help you automate the process of creating pay-per-click advertising campaigns including the management of keywords, text ads, and customized landing pages.

As most of you are aware one of the biggest factors in managing an affiliate marketing business or other online marketing campaign has to do with the business owner's ability to identify targeted keywords in one or more niche markets that will aid them in attracting potential customers.

The primary benefit of this strategy is to lower pay-per-click costs, to better qualify prospects, and to improve sales as well as your return on investment. The SpeedPPC product is the first off-the-shelf tool I have identified that automates many of the most time consuming and difficult tasks associated with pay-per-click marketing.

In short, SpeedPPC is a software application that may help you build keyword lists, ad copy, and customized landing pages for each keyword within your advertising campaign. It is designed to automate the workload and help you better focus on building and managing your campaigns.

I purchased a copy for my own use and now have three campaigns running that were produced with this tool.

The primary benefits I have identified from using the tool are as follows:

1) I was able to improve my Google AdWords quality score because the tool automatically arranged my keywords, ads, and landing pages into tightly defined ad groups. As a result Google has rewarded me with more traffic and lower per click costs.

2) I was able to develop very large keyword lists using primary keywords that I entered and expansion keywords provided by the developer as modifiers. The modifiers can include information such as city, state, country, product name, model number, etc.

3) I was able to create landing pages from merchant data feeds. The feature provided me the ability to create unique landing pages for every product within the vendor's data feed.

4) The software provided me an option to automatically insert keywords into landing pages. This function provided me the ability to create a custom landing page for each of the keywords within my ad groups.

5) The tool provides advanced tracking capabilities that will assisted me in determining the keywords that will generate. The ones that do not are easily identified allowing me to simply remove them and maximize my ad costs.

My overall impression is that Speed PPC is an exceptional tool that provides significant value. I believe that it will assist me in automating the process of creating and managing pay-per-click campaigns and will help me to enjoy an improved work-life balance.

I am very pleased with this new product and look forward to building many profitable pay-per-click campaings in the future.

To your affiliate marketing success!
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