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The #1 Reason Your Home Business Is Failing

Oct 8, 2007
The network marketers who understand how to use technology to sign up an endless amount of sponsors will crush the ones still making that sad list of their friends and family.

People just aren't realizing that they're getting the short end of the stick. I've learned by trial and error in my career and discovered the shameful reality that I wasted a heck of a lot of time doing things efficiently. I've been there-done that. I'll never do it again! Effectively building my business? One of the most beneficial, and brilliant steps I would ever make.

In the network marketing business we've been so accustomed to making our contact list of friends and family members to give us that initial boost when starting our businesses. There are downfalls with that strategy, and unfortunately, it's continuously being taught by our uplines in this day and age. It's constantly being pushed as a significant means to success in the business of multi level marketing (mlm). This falsehood has caused many mlmers to make attempts to prospect, get a bunch of "no's" up front, lose confidence and eventually fail in their business.

Is it possible that the most beneficial way of working a business is for prospects to approach you? Is it possible to not rely directly, or entirely, on a contact list that you've clumped together full of church goers, neighbors and friends you grew up with, family, piles of business cards, or school directories? Could this in fact be the most INEFFECTIVE way to work your business?

I cannot forget to mention the ones who desperately join groups and clubs specifically for prospects. They're so eager to present anyone and anything with their opportunity. Some mlmers rely heavily on referrals, while a huge majority of mlmers put enormous amounts of money, time and energy into finding ways to approach people, to prospect people, without realizing that 95% of the time the prospects don't even give a hoot about the opportunity they're trying to present!

Why choose to use up valuable time trying to find ways to hunt people down when you can benefit from having prospects come to you? It's all so simple, yet today, it's still left lingering in the dark for smart marketers to discover.

In the process of the "old school" mlm, you're more efficient than effective. The ones that still swear by this ancient method will eventually tire themselves out before they ever really get started! I'm not saying that a contact list is the absolute worst move you can make for your business, but I've discovered alternate ways to get mind blowing results-faster, and it's all done just plain-- effectively.

The top network marketers in the business know the tricks of the trade, and what works. They've practiced it for years, although they don't necessarily disclose this to you. Once I realized this, it prompted me to do some serious research. I knew back then that I was smart enough to make my business work; I followed the direction of my upline, but I just didn't see any results that were remotely as satisfactory as I knew it could be. I wanted to know how people in the business made continuous streams of income. I wanted to know how to succeed. I took it upon myself to do the research, the homework. Soon enough, my business began to produce killer results!

The bottom line is that you've got to do your homework. Get as much information that you can so you can stay afloat and produce remarkable results in your business. I've learned that absorbing useful information through powerful eBooks, newsletters, and blogs online, is a fantastic and effective way to get the knowledge you need to succeed in your venture.

Network marketing has taken a completely different form. It's a new day and for the people who don't jump aboard, and figure it out, they will find themselves swimming in circles!
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