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Attending Too Many Seminars? Information Overload Can Impede Your Success

Oct 8, 2007
Seminars are a great way to stay abreast of changes and new information in any industry. The self-help industry uses seminars frequently to help people improve their lives. No matter what your interests or desires, there are probably multiple seminars available providing good, reliable and effective information. If you frequently attend seminars, and find that you seem to be hearing the same information repeatedly, chances are you are a seminar junkie. Ask yourself one question? Are you using the information you gain from each seminar you attend?

All too often people will attend a two or three day seminar, get all excited and full of energy ready to implement what they have learned. They come home and within a few weeks vaguely remember why they attended. They may think to themselves, that was great information, I have to find time to use it. Others will implement the knowledge the have gained for a few days and them drift back to their same daily routine. A few months go by and then there is another seminar. Off they go and the same thing happens again.

Seminars are wonderful tools to help you implement change in your life. Attend too many without applying what you learn and you have just wasted your money. One new term describing this scenario is information overload. Information overload can eat away your time, and keep you from taking any action. If you have been exposed to several methods to perform a task, solve a problem, grow a business, or make investments, sometimes it creates a do nothing atmosphere.

Gaining knowledge and applying knowledge are two different concepts entirely. It's easy to gain the knowledge. Consistently using and applying the knowledge may cause seminar junkies a problem. Why? That's the question you need to ask yourself if you are a seminar junkie. Usually there is another underlying cause for your lack of actions. Disbelief, fear of failure, self-confidence, doubt, and even fear of success are common underlying causes of no action. If you are ready to break your cycle here are a couple of suggestions. First, don't sign-up for any more seminars. Review those you have recently (within the last year taken). Ask yourself what you can do to use the information you gained at these seminars. If you begin to come up with reasons why you can't take action immediately, it's time to delve deeper into what's preventing your action.

Take the following point and burn it into your memory. Any action you take can only result in one of two things, success, or failure. Nothing else. It's a guaranteed fact that if you don't take action you'll fail. If you do take action and things don't work out as planned, learn from your actions, and move on. The key is to taking action on your knowledge. You can attend seminar after seminar, but if you don't use the knowledge you have wasted two very valuable commodities ,your time and your money.
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