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Customer Service - Serving Stinging Scorpions With A Smile

Oct 8, 2007
There is a story about a man who was traveling in the desert. His travels had been long and the days had been hot. He came upon a small brook trickling through a small oasis. He desperately sought a drink to refresh himself, but noticed the largest pool (which was small by any standard) had a scorpion clinging to a small rock on the side of the brook.

It seems that the scorpion had fallen into the water and was having difficulty getting out. With the scorpion in the water the man had no real choice but to remove it just to get a drink.

Being a kind man he sought to remove the scorpion from the water instead of killing the creature. Several times the scorpion stung the man. Another traveler spotted the situation and asked why he would try to help a creature that was determined to hurt him.

The man replied, "I know it is the nature of the scorpion to sting, but it is my nature to rescue and I do not wish to change my nature."

This story is a perfect parallel to customer service. You may consider the water in our story your product. It has the ability to refresh and revive. The scorpion can be certain customers who may not always respond in a positive manner. As a business owner you are the man attempting to explain to others why you tolerate rude scorpions.

You've heard the old adage; "There are two rules in business. 1) The customer is always right and, 2) if the customer is wrong refer to rule 1."

Customers are increasingly placing a high priority on the service they receive and they want to know you are committed to their satisfaction. Many, if not most, customers will be satisfied with general product fulfillment, but there will be some that may never be satisfied. Work to help them find a solution and never lose your patience with the stinging sensation you receive when all you are seeking to do is help.

As a business owner intent on quality customer service you can't allow negative customers to alter your commitment to customer service. You may not understand why they insist on 'stinging', but at the end of the day you are the only one whose responses you can control. If it is in your nature to provide quality customer service then you will strive to do so even in the most trying of circumstances.
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