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How To Generate Responsive Network Marketing Leads

Oct 9, 2007
Being in business for yourself is an attractive proposition for many people simply because they can control their own success patterns on most occasions. Generating your own network marketing leads is paramount to running a successful MLM business.

If that's the case then why do so many distributors choose to purchase leads which in the main, are unresponsive and a waste of money?

I'm not sure what the answer is but I'd venture to say it's an easy way out for them meaning it's work they don't have to do and they are willing to pay someone else to do the work.

However, this is where the problem begins when you don't generate your own network marketing leads. Remember I mentioned unresponsive earlier. That's where the problem lies. You would be better off going back to the dim, dark age of MLM prospecting and using the three foot rule again or simply harassing your friends and family.

Why? Simply because they will at least be responsive. The trouble with canvassing and phoning prospects generated by a third party is you have no idea how old these leads are, whether they are second, third, fourth or even fifth hand, or where they were generated from.

Listen up! There is no short cut to lead generation in the network marketing business. Unless you are generating your own leads, you have no control over your marketing. More importantly, you do have complete control over how you use the leads you generate. They are yours and no one will have an opportunity to take them from you and share them with others.

As far as responsive is concerned, provided you marketed your offer in the correct channels and only to people who are looking for what you have to offer, your self-sought network marketing leads will be real time. That is, as soon as they come in, you know they haven't been through the worldwide prospecting channels and been canvassed by countless other people.

You are not limited by what you receive from a purchased lead package. Generating your own network marketing leads means you don't have to rely on one avenue. You can market in any number of areas and any number of ways to targeted prospects and at the end of the day, the leads you generate are uniquely yours.

Remember these two words when you are prospecting in your MLM business... exclusive and responsive. That's what you're after when looking for potential people to look at your business offer.
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