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Why Spend Your Valuable Time Trying To Collect Returned Checks?

Oct 9, 2007
You can let a bad check recovery service do it for you! When your customer bounces a check, your bank forwards the returned check to the bad check recovery service that you have chosen to represent you. The check is entered into a database and re-submitted electronically via the ACH network. If an item bounces again, the bad check recovery service then re-presents the check when funds are available.

You can even make a profit from your bad check recovery service. All that is required is that you post a notice stating that your customer acknowledges (by reading the posted notice of your policy for returned checks) that the maximum fee (less, if you prefer) allowed by the state that your business resides will be assessed for all returned checks. Then, when funds are available, you collect the face amount of the check. You then assess a second debit for the allowed state fee. Example: Texas allows a fee of $30.00 for returned checks. Your electronic bad check recovery service can collect the bad check electronically (Let's say the check was made for $150.00). Then, a second debit for $30.00 can also be collected electronically (total collected = $180.00).

Benefits of a bad check recovery service: Your customer does not have to:

* bring you a money order or cashier's check.
* receive a threatening collection letter.
* answer an uncomfortable phone call.
* spend their time resolving the problem.
* go through the embarrassment!

A bad check recovery service is much faster and more convenient than any other method available, and it will work on any bank in the US and its territories.

And now with a bad check recovery service collecting out-of-town checks (or electronic checks accepted from an Internet web site) has never been easier!

With a bad check recovery service, you can access your transaction reports via the Internet anytime--24 hours a day 7 days a week. This online real-time reporting helps you reconcile your bank account and keep track of the money that your bad check recovery service recovers for you.

Your customers benefit because bouncing a check is an embarrassing thing to deal with in person. A bad check recovery service handles it for them quietly and confidentially. Your bad check recovery service notifies your customer's bank of the transaction and adds it to their statement.

Successful businesses focus on their core business. A bad check recovery service solves their NSF problems so they do just that. They can FINALLY stop chasing down bad checks.
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