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Affiliate Marketing-Why Being Friends with Prospects is Important

Oct 9, 2007
Who are you more likely to take the advice of, a friend or a stranger? Im sure we can all agree that the recommendation from a friend holds a little more weight than that of a stranger. Wise marketers know this. The easiest way to sell your customers on something is to first develop a relationship with them. But you may be thinking I'm friendly, what else would I be? Ah, but are you projecting a friendly demeanor when it comes to your business. If you would like to improve your relationship with your customers thus generating more sales consider the following when affiliate marketing.

Present a Professional Image

Whether you are online or off its important to have a professional demeanor. Offline you never know when you will run into a present client or a future one. No ones going to want to do business with a sloppy Joe, so keep yourself and your belongings looking well kept at all times. Online you do not get the opportunity to dazzle prospects with your good looks but that does not mean that your website cant.

You do not have to be a web designer to have a well dressed site. Just be sure that your website is clean, organized and easy to navigate and keep load time to as short as possible.

Your online voice will vary depending on your market but always be respectable, and have a one-on-one conversational voice. Do not say we or all of you. There isnt a line up of people waiting to see your sales message.

Above all ensure that your website is void of any confusion. Your visitors should know exactly what your site is about the second they enter it. Make them feel welcome and confident that they have found the right place to serve their needs.

Find some common ground

Many people feel that because of the fast paced nature of the internet they have to hard sell all their products. But online is probably one of the best places to ease your prospects into a purchase. Because most of your correspondence will be through emails start them out with one or two sentences (maximum of four) about your day, vacation, or the weather.

This is to let them know that youre not just a sales page; youre a human with interests and experiences. Your customer may not personally know you but they may be able to relate to a hard day at work or trip to Belize. Of course they dont want a full page story of it or to learn that you have a hangover and no one cares about your cat more than you do so keep personals short, simple, and when possible relevant to what you have to offer.

Soft sell your customers

As much as you want to be best buds with everyone and spend all day chatting it up about your weekend, you are online to market. As mentioned above, a hard sell is a turn off so turn your prospects on by addressing their needs. Give him a chance to tell you his own thoughts. People before profits, this is the secret to the success of any business including affiliate marketing. If you do not let your customers voice their opinions then you are not aware of what item would best suit him. Promptly answer any questions your customers may have.

We have established that selling is easier to friends. But friends give us something else that strangers dont-understanding. Suppose a delivery was late or you had a family emergency and were unable to get back to your client right away, it would be nice to know that they were not going to turn their back on you.

Establishing a relationship with your prospects helps to ensure that in the event that something happens they will understand. This is indispensable in the virtual world of affiliate marketing where things do not always go as planned.
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