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3 Killer Tips For Your Internet Home Business Website Brief

Oct 9, 2007
What I mean with the persuasion power? I mean a website, that persuades the visitor to take action. The persuasion power has to be in place first, before starting the promotions. Why do I say so?

Well, because if the website will persuade the visitor to take action, the efficience increases and fewer visitors are needed to make a good result. That is the reason, why the good persuasion power is more important than the amount of traffic, but if you have both, the better.

And you cannot compensate the persuasion power by the hard promotions, trying to increase the site traffic. In that case, if the conversion rate, i.e. the percentage of the visitors who take the desired action, is low, you just have to improve the quality of the website, i.e. the persuasion power.

1.Set Clear Objectives.
What is the job of your internet home business website? To collect leads, to collect inquiries, to sell or to give more detailed information? If it is the lead collecting, how many per month, week or day? Be specific, you can always set new targets when your knowledge will increase.

2. Define The Strategy Of The Website.
The strategy gives the answer to the question, how the target will be reached. That has a great impact on the content of the site, for instance whether you will build a sales site or the content site.If the key element of your strategy is the customer service, then the content site sounds better than the sales site.

3.Go Through This List Of The Strategy Items Carefully.
A. Know your customer, i.e. your target group. Try to identify your target audience as well as you can: sex, age, internet skills, online buying experiences, income level and as a most important factor, what is the motivation to buy your product.

B. Know your product and service. This sounds simple but many internet home business marketers just concentrate more on promotions than to know what they are promoting.

C. Know your competition. The competitors are very useful, because you can spy what they sell, how they sell and what new they have found out. However the most important thing is to build a different and unique website.

D.What is your USP, i.e. the unique selling propostion.

What unique, useful and relevant does your website promise to your target audience?
Does it differ from the competition? Can your website visitor quickly see the promise when he has landed into your site?

E. Plan a clear conversion path.
There must be a clear pathway to action. If you think, what is your target after the visitor has landed into your website. It is very clearly that he has to take action, otherwise the visit is more or less a waste of time.This pathway must be planned, so simple. It is also useful to understand the behaviour of the normal website visitor.

F. Do you need a long or short copy?
This issue was touched shortly above. It depends on your strategy. Generally speaking it seems that the long copy outsells the short one.

G. Use AIDA in the content planning.
AIDA comes from the words attention, interest, desire and action and is widely used in the advertising world.
You can devide the website details alond AIDA as follows:

G.1. The attention you will get by the headline and the opening hook
G.2. The interest you will get by the headers, introduction and the body.
G.3. The desire you will build by the offer, bonuses and the guarantee.

G.4. The action you can get by the call to action ( for instance, sign in for free ) and the P.S.,
When you cover all these points during your planning process, I am 100 % sure that your website results will be much better and there will not be a rerason to try to improve the site performance so often.
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