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Alkyd Resins Will Continue To Assume A Dominant Role On The Synthetic Resins Market

Oct 9, 2007
The analysis of the market for paint and varnish materials (PVM) has confirmed that the highest growth will occur in the production of acrylic and polyurethane resins - by 6% and 4.1% respectively. These products produce elastic coatings and guarantee ecological safety. According to some experts, the demand for synthetic resins in Europe and Middle East will demonstrate an upward trend and will top 2.5m mt by 2007.

It is expected that within this period certain resin types, like acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy, may be given a greater emphasis, while the significance of alkyd resins may slightly drop, though current production of alkyd resins exceeds that of other types. The production of acrylic and polyurethane resins will feature the highest growth, since these resins are environmentally friendly and provide surfaces with high elasticity. Acrylic resins are included in organic-soluble compositions, water-dispersion paint and varnish materials, paints with high content of non-volatile substances and powder-like paint and varnish materials. Polyurethanes are second to none when their film-forming properties are in question. However, despite the fact that the prospects for acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy resins are rather bright, alkyd resins will still dominate the market in terms of production volume and the use in paint and varnish materials (PVM). Alkyd resins provide good level of variability of compositions based on them. Value-for-the-money parameter also looks nice with them.

Over the recent years the M&A activity among producers of synthetic resins in Europe has been gathering momentum. This is especially true in the case of epoxy resins sector where consolidation is triggered to the full.

Paint and varnish materials based on alkyd film-forming substances lay up the groundwork of the Russian PVM industry. These substances make up more than a half of the PVM consumption in Russia. Alkyd resins are produced mainly by the large PVM facilities in Yaroslavl, Zagorsk, Kotovsk, Cherkessk, etc. According to experts, at the moment the volume of paint and varnish market in Russia is 750-800 thousand tons per year in physical terms and about 1 billion dollars in monetary terms. According to Gennady Gordeev, PR director of Empils, while alkyd-based paints represent the main share of decorative coatings produced in Russia, water-based coatings are gaining favour.

Alkyd resins are included in organosilicon compositions, water-dispersion paints, powder pigments, paints with high content of non-volatile components. Demonstrating superior properties as coatings, polyurethanes are commonly applied as film-forming substances in the manufacture of the wide range of paint and varnish materials.

Despite the growing popularity of acrylic, polyurethane, and epoxy resins, alkyd resins remain highly favoured among paint producers thanks to the improved variability of compositions and better value for the money.

Experts believe that the total consumption of paint and varnish materials will hit 28.8m mt ($83 billion) in 2007 and 30m mt in 2008.

Alkyd resins are the synthetic resins made from a dicarboxylic acid, such as phthalic acid, and diols or triols. The raw materials required for the manufacture of alkyd resins are as follows: phthalic anhydride, pentaerythritol, glycerol, linseed and other drying and semi drying oils. Alkyd resins are important ingredients of the paint and varnish industry. Originally resins of natural origin were used however with the development of technology for synthetic resin with better requisite properties alkyd resin finds extensive use in surface coated industry.

Both cost-wise and performance-wise, alkyds have proven themselves over a wide swathe of demands, from agricultural/construction equipment to general industrial metal and even architectural finishes. They account for 60-70% of other polycondensation-based film-forming coatings.
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