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Get Paid For Filling Out Surveys

Oct 9, 2007
There has never been a better time to increase your income than right now and there is no better way than to get paid for filling out surveys. Right now hundreds of companies around the world need your opinion and the demand is increasing. Paid surveys online are the most cost effective way for these companies to get the opinions of many of their customers and they have taken to it like a duck to water.

Just two years ago only 30% of consumer surveys were conducted online, but that number has been increasing rapidly. More importantly, tens of thousands now get paid to fill out surveys and the market research companies are paying out millions of dollars to consumers like you and me to take surveys online. Paid surveys are here to stay and they will only grow in importance as more companies realize how much money they can save by going online with their market research.

Companies from AT&T to Universal Studios to Target have all been using surveys online to get feedback about new and existing products from their customers. In the past these companies would have to go out to their customers or bring the customers to them which was both time consuming and expensive. Now they can simply take their surveys online and get feedback not only faster, but also from a broader cross section of customers.

Because of the lower cost they can run surveys more often and on topics that in the past would have been too expensive. And we as consumers benefit as well since we can get paid for filling out more surveys than ever.

Even though so many people are already taking paid surveys for cash there is no need to worry about running out of surveys. The market research companies are expanding each year and will need more people to take their cash surveys online going forward. The corporations that need our opinions are expanding their budgets too, so they will continue to pour money into the online survey companies. Companies really do need our opinions to help them develop new products and to improve their marketing so they will continue to survey us, no need to worry about that.

As more and more money comes into online surveys there are more marketing companies trying to get their piece of this pie. So, don't limit yourself to just a few online survey companies if your goal is to get paid for filling out surveys. Register with as many as possible and diversify yourself. You'll receive more surveys and you'll be able to choose the highest paying surveys for yourself.

Cast your net wide because you never know which companies will have the best surveys for cash. It would be a shame to miss out on several $150 online focus group paid survey opportunities because you didn't take a few minutes to register for free at company XYZ.

There is one other thing you should keep in mind when you begin down the road to getting paid for filling out surveys. You will most certainly come across sites that want you to pay them for access to their database of paid survey companies. Don't! Any information that site has is freely available somewhere else on the internet. In the case of paid surveys that information is probably available for free at many other sites. Just keep searching until you find a free list of places to get paid for filling out surveys.
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The author is a paid survey expert and has been taking paid surveys and instructing others how to get paid for surveys for over a year. To learn how you can get paid to fill out surveys visit his paid survey site which has links to over 300 paid survey companies available for free.
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