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Seduced By Internet Marketing Profits? Get A Grip On Yourself!

Oct 9, 2007
Build your business upon your main strength. Even though this advice applies to any business you might start, it's especially true in the field of Internet Marketing. There are so many unique niches, skills that are required, services that are needed and products that are necessary that everybody should be able to find something to do that will let them shine. You don't want to be wasting your time chasing after a business model that doesn't fit your strengths.

Unfortunately, many people get seduced by the profits they see others reaping from a particular method or system, and try to "ape" them. Monkey see, monkey do is fine if you're playing. In business, it's a ticket to a quick loss and a face full of monkey's doo-doo. Don't just copy something because it looks profitable.

There's also the problem of getting advice for your business from the wrong person. Just because somebody is a success in their chosen field doesn't make them the right source for coaching you in your business. Too many successful people don't really know why they are successful.

Even worse, the reasons for their success aren't what they think they are. If you want business coaching, go to a real business coach. You wouldn't ask for soccer coaching from a golf pro, would you?

The best place for you to start, if you don't already know with certainty what your core competence is, will be to ask other people. Many of us have a "blind spot" when it comes to ourselves. You may have been struggling with self-examination for years, but an outsider who gets to know you over the period of a week could probably point out your flaws and strong points easily. The hard part is hearing, and accepting what you hear.

Once you do know what you were made for, make a plan to put that to work. Keep in mind that your weaknesses and flaws will have to be covered by you, at first. Part of your plan should include a provision for outsourcing or leveraging your weaknesses as soon as you can afford it. A Virtual Assistant, employee or JV partner could be the way for you to get the chore done, without you becoming a drudge that spends most of your time working for your business, instead of ON your business.

This brings up the point of working on your weaknesses and improving them. It might be best if you didn't do that. Let somebody else do that for you. It's very romantic, to think of yourself as a self-reliant entrepreneur, handling anything and everything with a flair. That's an illusion. Nobody can do everything well. Most of us are lucky if we can do ONE thing passably well. Don't bother becoming a better clerical worker. Hire one, or pass the work on to a partner that hires them.

There is one skill that every entrepreneur needs to develop - the ability to implement a plan, idea or vision. Million dollar ideas are a dime a dozen. Implementation plans are priceless! You cannot make your millions if all you do is come up with ideas that never get made into reality.

If action plans (systems and methods for implementing great ideas) are not your thing, you'll need the help of a partner or company that specializes in making things happen. In fact, if they are weak in the area of "brainstorming" and comprehensive thinking, you may be the "outsource" they need to get their million dollar payday. Put your great ideas together with a team of battle-hardened warriors, and both of you will win the battle.
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