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Are Paid On Line Survey Sites Scams?

Oct 9, 2007
There are many articles about paid on line surveys and depending on which one you read you will get a very different picture. The truth is that yes there are some sites that are scams, but what you will find is that the majority of paid on line survey sites are in fact real. Most paid on line surveys are put out by legitimate market research companies looking to get data for major U.S. and international companies.

What you need then is some way to distinguish between the scams and the real paid on line survey sites. How do you do that? Easy, you find someone who has already done the research for you and follow their lead. Just make sure that the site you follow meets several easy to spot criteria.

First - Look out for sites that want you to pay, either to take surveys or to get their list of survey companies. These sites are most definitely scams and exist solely to take money from the unsuspecting. They will tell you that they have proprietary information and special surveys you can't get anywhere else, but that is just hype to get your money. Legit survey companies will never charge you to register or to take their paid on line surveys.

I have joined hundreds of paid on line survey companies and every one was completely free to join and completely free to take surveys. In fact, legitimate market research companies are forbidden by law to make you pay to take their surveys. It would provide a bias and they don't want that and neither do their clients.

Stay away from any survey site that tries to get you to pay to access its database of survey companies. Avoid any site that says you can make thousands of dollars a week or hundreds of dollars a day. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. You can easily make money with paid on line surveys, but finding them is free and registering for them is free as well.

Second - Do some basic research yourself to make sure that the survey site is legit. All of the real paid on line survey sites have a privacy policy at the very least. There you should be able to get contact information about the company such as email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses. This information could also be in the terms of service or in the About section, but it should definitely be there.

You can also search for the website at Alexa or Whois to find out how long it has been up and how long the company has been in existence. Avoid companies that haven't been on line for at least a year. They could be legitimate, but it is more likely that the site has just been put up to collect personal information and/or email addresses. The larger paid on line survey sites have been around for 10 years or more and some are even listed on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ.

Third - If you still have questions do a search though some forums or blogs to see what more experienced paid on line survey takers are saying about a company. Forums can be a wealth of information about survey sites, which ones pay and which ones pay the best. A little bit of time spent here is well worth it in the long run if you are worried about getting scammed.

Paid on line surveys are one of the easiest and most risk free ways to make money on line, especially for a beginner. The majority of paid on line survey sites are quite legitimate. They may have minimum payment requirements that take time to meet, however all of the sites I have requested payment from have paid me. The truth is, many of the paid on line survey companies are small parts of offline market research companies. They have reputations to protect and are not going to jeopardize their businesses by being unresponsive to or even scamming the very people they get their data from. Simply do a bit of research and you'll find that paid on line surveys are quite risk free.
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