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Do Lists Really Work as Traffic Generators?

Oct 9, 2007
Free traffic sounds good to any website owner. So do free links. A lot of website owners try various tactics, from providing useful tools to writing lists.

Why are lists so popular?

A good list does well in bringing in traffic from a variety of sources. They can do well on social bookmarking websites. People send them to friends.

But better yet, bloggers may post about them, adding links to your site into the mix.

What makes lists work?

Not every list is going to bring in significant traffic or links. You really need to offer something unique. You need to come up with something that will really make your list valuable as a resource.

Sometimes that's making a really long list. 100 best directories to submit your site to.

Other times a shorter list that provides greater detail is better. Share 5 of your favorite social bookmarking websites and how to best use each one.

The key is to create something of value that most people haven't thought of yet or haven't figured out how to do. If your list is too much like what can be found on every other website in your niche, it is not going to bring a lot of attention to your website.

You should be aware that some people hate list pages. HATE them.

This is really quite understandable. So many lists are just this side of useless, thrown together in an attempt to garner traffic. If you're looking to write a list to build traffic to your website, make it something special. Not average, not boring.

A list can be created for any industry. Just start brainstorming. Think about what people you want coming to your site will enjoy. It's really just like creating any other link bait. A skin care site can list 10 steps to more beautiful skin, 20 foods you should eat for healthy skin, 10 secret beauty tips and so forth. A gardening site can post a list of beneficial bugs.

I really think the trouble a lot of people have with lists and other kinds of link bait is that so much of it is done so very poorly. It's about getting the traffic, not about providing something really useful. The trouble is that once people realize you're not providing, they're going to ignore you. That's just the way it is.

Get to work. Start thinking about lists your website visitors will enjoy reading. Then do your research and write something that will really draw people in.
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