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MLM Leads - Who To Target To Create A Consistent Flow Of Prospects

Oct 9, 2007
Who are you targeting in search of MLM leads? Is your prospecting all over the place and along the lines of "throwing stuff against the wall" and seeing what sticks?

You know, the awful truth is this is how it is for the majority of network marketers. Yes, they have a system they can follow provided by their well meaning upline but in most cases, the MLM leads generation process is still using outdated methods which quite frankly, most just don't want to pursue or simply wont.

Why is this? Because people immediately put up a barrier when they're asked to present their offer to relatives, friends and people they see occasionally such as business owners.

Take my case for example. When I first entered the network marketing arena I had a problem with talking to people about my business. I wanted too, but no matter how many times I was told that those who show the plan the most times will win, it never happened for me.

Going on social outings with friends and relatives became a nightmare because I no longer looked at them as friends but instead, as prospects and I was uncomfortable with this.

This was no way to generate MLM leads for my liking and I would soon quit. Not once but several times. Does this story sound familiar to you? It should. It's one of the most common reasons why people will quit their MLM opportunity within the first 90 days and in the end, a total waste of time and resources for both themselves and their sponsors.

So what's the answer. Simple. You need to target your MLM leads market and hone in on those who are actually going to be receptive to your offer. So who are these people?

Network marketers. That's right, the same people who are operating or have operated the same business model you have.

Why are network marketers most likely to be the most receptive to your offer. Well, let's face it, they joined the MLM business in the past for a reason and it's quite likely they were looking for a vehicle to help them fulfil their financial dreams.

The truth is, the attrition rate in this industry is enormous, most network marketers are unhappy with their current opportunity and many are between companies. And with so many network marketing companies to choose from, loyalty is likely to be severely tested.

If you can show them a way to generate MLM leads without hassling friends and relatives you will win in today's network marketing environment.
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