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Oct 9, 2007
The internet has brought countless opportunities for networking and making money. It can be simple to start your own online business, but it will take time and dedication to grow that business into a full-time career.

To start your own online business, you must first do adequate research on what sort of online work interests you. This decision should encompass skills you already have and involve activities you are already at least vaguely familiar with. Learn all you can about your business of choice before spending any money on development.

After you have a full understanding of the marketplace and work involved, ease your way into business. It is easy to get in over your head and spend too much to make a profit. Start small and grow your business as you continue to learn and gain a reputation in a particular field.

Possible online businesses to consider include:

Becoming a freelancer or independent contractor. If you already have a skill, you can take that skill online. For example, if you already do graphic design for a company, consider working with clients over the internet either part-time or full-time.

To become a freelancer, you must simply decide what skill you will sell, set up an online presence in some way - usually a website, and then begin to market yourself to potential clients. As you are already familiar with the industry, you probably have an idea where the clients will be. The trick is making your service appealing to those clients.

Affiliate marketing or becoming a webmaster. Many businesses will pay you a portion of any sales you bring to their site. Many affiliate marketers set up their own websites to help bring visitors to the main businesses in hopes of landing a sale. They then get commission for each purchase or visitor. Other set up websites with something of their own to sell, including memberships or services.

To become a webmaster, either on your own or as an affiliate, you must know how to develop a website and then find traffic for the site. These are skills that take time to develop, so start small. As you experiment and learn, your website and profits should grow, too.

Sales. There is a great deal of money to be made by selling or reselling items. EBay is the site used most often by those in sales online. To get started making money in online sales, you must set up an EBay account and begin listing items you already own for others to browse and purchase.

To make a profit, your item must sell for more than it cost to buy, so the amount of money you make is largely determined by how many things you have to sell, and how much you paid for them. Craft and specialty items sell online through EBay or separate websites, and treasures and collectibles found at antique shops or garage sales are often spruced up and sold. Online sales such as these are especially fun for bargain shoppers who can make a profit on their great deals.
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