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The Internet Is Not a Sales Medium for Your Home Based Business

Oct 9, 2007
The Internet is an information medium. Television is a sales medium. The Internet is where you and I must share information and knowledge with caring attitudes. As home based business (HBB) builders we must support each other through relationship building and education.

The Internet means when you Google something you get your answers. Google is now a dictionary word. Google my name for example. The Internet home based business should be thought of as an information medium. Each HBB entrepreneur has a responsibility to himself and to others to concentrate on disseminating information and education through building relationships.

I like to think of salesmanship as a thing of the past. If you want to earn a living over the Internet from home, build relationships to gain trust and to trust others. Others should want to have what you have. You do not have to sell it to them.

I've been selling for 55 years and still have not received financial critical mass. Imagine the numbers out there like me, and I'm not bitter by any means. I'm just more challenged to make a difference and beat this HBB market even if it is the last thing I do.

In the mean time, could it be that network marketers, in the main, are deceived because of Internet hucksters? Are some of us unknowingly or knowingly trying to become hucksters without realizing that you are perfecting the con-artist model?

Just why is it that a certain statistics seem to be all over the Internet when I comes to starting your own home based business. One statistic I see allot is the one that claims 97% of those who begin a home based Internet business will quit before the end of year one. What's causing such a huge failure rate? I believe it's too many hucksters deceiving folk into getting into get rich quick schemes. I know I've been there.

This translates to a 3% retention rate. Something is wrong. Who are these people selling on the Internet who make a six-figure income?

I recall how it was once said that 80% of the people sell 20% of the goods, and 20% of the people sell 80% of the goods in the brick and morter world. I've always felt that if your experience puts you in the 20% group you are making at least a six figure income as a salesman. So who is this 3% group anyway?

I believe that they are mostly made up of hucksters.

You and I have been told many times that we do not have to sell over the Internet.

Another interesting thought about sales is that sales is the highest paid profession. Higher paying than doctors, lawyers or Indian chiefs, and that's saying something. But the Internet seems to be destroying all the past statistics for 97% of us.

But don't let all this confuse you: Success, no success, sell, don't sell, quit, stay for the long haul, full time job, evenings only, make 10 calls a day, make 200 calls a day. What are we to believe?

All the hype and promised ponzi schemes on the Internet today adds to the confusion. Even in the many Internet TV commercials we are being bombarded by the biggest hoax ever portrayed upon all the hopeful HBB public on this planet. The hoax is that the Internet and your home computer is a great place to sell and make money. So do we just up and quit? Yup, 97% of us within the first year.

So we have a huge fast growing home based Internet promise of wealth and riches. The industry tells us to quit your jobs, fire your boss, get rid of your J.O.B (just over broke), enjoy your family, take as many vacations together as needed, and become a millionaire in 3 years. They tell us "we can all make $1000 a day". And that's a big fat lie, and it should be stopped.

What we can do is inform, educate and become givers through this wonderful medium called the Internet, an information super-highway.

Run from the huckster like the plague.

"The Greatest Salesman that Ever Lived" is a book published maybe forty years ago by Org Mandino. That greatest salesman was Jesus Christ. I must read that book again someday soon. Today as I work on the Internet I still greatly enjoy meeting people, still love to talk, and always was a great first impressionist, so what went wrong from an income standpoint that is. Well nothing actually, except to say I feel misguided...Misguided by the "carpet baggers of the 21st century selling there magic elixir from the back of their wagons that cures all". Of course, my need to prosper didn't help because today I know I was too self-interested, greedy, and not at all empathetic enough in the past. Others do not have to feel the way I did.

The Internet home based business owner has now the truth of it all. I, for one, am about to change. The reason for this article is to assist others with this thinking.

It has been said that Internet marketing is a duplication process. I couldn't agree more, but lets duplicate the "righteousness" out there. For example, Jesus built relationships with 12 decibels and gave them information. Today Christianity has 2 billion people and "Jesus is the apex of His down line".

Likewise today we can do relationship building and information processing over the Internet at a light speed rate compared to the last 2000 years, but we must guard against being hood-winked and deceived.

Remember that within each of us is the need and capacity to basically decide for ourselves. Nobody likes to be "sold or told" anything, and that's how you should think of the Internet: A place to meet, greet, guide and assist, but never to sell.

So stop trying to sell over the Internet, and tell the huckster to "take a hike" and save your money. Use your speech to build relationships so others may desire to have what you have...Information and caring whereby you inform others. Others, knowing what you know, will want to get to know you and to trust you. Keep in touch with them and encourage them. Pass on the good news of your business model as you learn to trust others.

The future HBB owner has the opportunity to learn about the Internet and tools available to accomplish their dreams and then to share that information and knowledge with others. In the process do ignore the huckster and stay committed to your business model. If you don't know what that business model is then ask someone who does know.

Any other approach has a 97% failure rate within one year. Oh, and did I say to be patient and know you are in a HBB for the long haul.

So get the facts and Google until you get the information and knowledge to start and go all the way with the product, leads and tools for no more than $100 a month.
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