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Web Design and Implementing Search Engine Optimization

Oct 9, 2007
A web site is a collection of data on a specific topic or subject. Web design is the designing and graphical arrangement of the content shown on the internet in the form of websites and web applications using various forms of media.

Designing a website is defined as the arrangement and creation of Web pages that in turn make up a website. The web page consists of data for which the website is designed and developed.

The users of internet are the actual buyers of your products and services and not the search engines. The main problem is if the website is not designed by keeping both the visitors and search engines in mind then the visitors will not be able to view the website.

It's not that, if you have spent a lot of money does not mean that there will be a number of visitors automatically visiting your site and becomes profitable.

A search engine friendly Website is first and foremost user-friendly, designed and written for your human visitors first. Then the site can be twisted so that is can be easily indexed by the search engines. The phrase "search engine friendly Website" means that the Website programmer is following the rules set forth by the search engines, in order for high keyword rankings to be attained.

There are few very effective approaches for designing a website which is search engine friendly:

The HTML code and the website should be simple and uncomplicated to navigate. Try to create a website that contains basic HTML pages. There should be no use of JavaScript or any other dynamic design styles.

JavaScript generates a lot of code between the header tags, pushing down the text that search engines would crawl first. Placing the script code in an external file reduces the code to just one line.

Allow search engine crawlers to find significant Web pages from any page. Place text links of your main Web pages at the bottom of each of your Web pages, so search engine crawlers can find you're inside pages. Create a Site Map page with all of your Web pages listed on one page, and link to it from your homepage.

The image sizes should be reduced. Too many images or very large images on your Web page will slow down the loading time of your Website. Make sure your images have a resolution of 72dpi. You can also cut large images into smaller pieces with your graphics editor.

Frames should not be used on the website anywhere.
This is an HTML tag created that allows designers to display two or more Web pages at the same time. The insight is that frames can improve Website navigation, but they are browser-dependant and do not create search engine friendly Websites.

Most search engines do not index framed pages. Frames only allow search engine crawlers to see 1 Webpage, when there are actually a number of web pages on a site.

The website should not be entirely based on flash.
Search engines cannot read Websites built as Flash movies. They cannot read text in a movie file, and also only recognize a numerous page Website for example as only 1 Web page. It is best to create separate HTML page files for your photos, graphics and content, in order to have a search engine friendly Website.

Avoid the use of cookies on your Website. Allow search engines to crawl your sites without session IDs or arguments that track their path through the site. These techniques are useful for tracking individual user behavior, but the access pattern of engines is entirely different. Using these techniques may result in your Website not being indexed at all.

There is one other thing that will stop search engines from searching the sub pages of your site is requiring cookies. Sure cookies or session ids may be essential to track visitor activity, but you can make an exception for search engines. Search engine crawlers do not like cookies. Don't require them to accept them or they will simply leave.

Each web page on your site must contain content. The web page must contain a summary paragraph of at least 250 - 500 words. The keywords should be stuffed within this text being careful of not over stuffing the keywords. Aim to please the search engines as well as your Website visitors.
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