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Turn Your Website Into A Traffic Magnet

Oct 9, 2007
It's a massively populated world wide web out there. Every minute, millions of users swarm all over it clicking here, clicking there. That definitely comes as good news for website owners. But if they feel that just by hoisting a well made website the job is done and there's no stopping website from being visited by the marauding hordes of Internet users, then they couldn't be more wrong.

And that's because for millions of Internet surfers, there are millions of websites, each one trying to outdo the other in their attempt to grab eyeballs. But do not let that depress you. Because if you have built a quality website which you well and truly believe in, you can make a blockbuster of it by dedicating some time on it. And this is how you can get the desired traffic to your website.

Top 10 Ways Of Getting Insane Traffic To Your Website

1. Develop original, quality, informative and entertaining content and plug it into your website. You see, the average netizen desires to get his eyes on some original and entertaining material. And if he gets it at your website, then you can expect that he's going to blow bugles and announce your website to his friends and family. Content rocks - and rolls - so get original and well made content built into your website. Do not accept any duplicate material, or your website will be blacklisted by the search engines.

2. Heard of SEO (search engine optimization) articles? SEO is a technique where the writer strategically sprinkles important keywords into an article - keywords that search engines are looking for. The search engines pick up these keywords and display your website on their search results' pages. If you plan your articles well and do not resort to keyword stuffing (which the search engines can detect), then you can be reasonably sure that sooner or later your website will worm itself into the top rankings. There is a programming side to SEO too, where programmers fool around with tags, which too are picked up by the search engines. For obtaining best results on the programming side of SEO, talk to an expert programmer.

3. Build in interactivity into your website. If you are selling your product, involve your visitors by offering them a free trial. If you are a content-based website, collect emails and send out newsletters or e-zines. You can also hand out a free e-book, a technique that is bound to get you the visitors. Just one thing: remember to make all your e-zines, e-books and newsletters informative, unique and entertaining.

4. Submit your website articles to reprint directories. Just make sure you add in a resource box at the bottom that screams out your website's address and a small line about you.

5. Trade links with quality, like-minded websites. Do not exchange links with a link farm or with websites that spam. Remember, more links will get you a better Page Rank, and a good PageRank will have the advertisers knocking on your doors.

6. Incorporate a PHP BB (Bulletin Board programmed using the PHP language) on your website and throw open interesting topics for discussion - topics that are related to your websites content. PHP BBs are available free and all you have to do is tell your programmer to weave one into your website.

7. Visit bulletin boards that have content relevant to your website, and leave your comments. Remember to leave a link to your website in your sign-off box. This way, you can get tons of backlinks linking back to your website. Great tactic to increase traffic and PageRank!

8. If you have the time, ask people who need knowledge related to your product or content to call you up on a toll free number and speak to you for some free advice.

9. Do offline publicity. Get funky stickers (with your website's name on them) made and stick them on your car, and also give them away free. Same with tees. Plus, tell your friends and relations to spread the good word about your website.

10. Okay, here's the last tip - NEVER, NEVER EVER: (i) spam, (ii) use any Black Hat or illegal SEO techniques to fool the search engines, and (iii) sign up with any website that promises you thousands of hits.

These are the top ten ways that, if followed rightly, will get you insane traffic. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and put these babies into practice. And don't forget to send us your link. Adios, amigo.
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