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Mixing Family With Business Does Not Always Make Disaster

Oct 9, 2007
When most people think of working with family they cringe. That's a terrible idea to mix family and business. This is true for some, but not for all. All families have their moments when they do not see eye to eye on something. This can be true in business as well. Everyone cannot decide on the same thing all the time. You just have to keep that in mind. On the other hand working on a business with family definitely has its benefits. There are several positives to working with family and here are three of them.

Family tradition. Taking a business such as a hardware store, a restaurant or a plumbing company and run it with family can create a well presentable company. Family run companies impresses people. Seeing generations pass on the knowledge of their trade from grandparent to grandchild warms our hearts. It creates a greater sense of trust in us. We love family and traditions. When you combine it with a business it can be a beautiful thing.

Family time. By working together you are spending more time with your family. You grow to know each other better than you would just seeing them the last four hours of the day before bedtime. You share more of life with each other and give yourselves more in common. Today we find that it is near impossible to spend time other than meals and sleeping with their family. Parents are off to work and children to school. The kids are off to activities after school and then it's dinner and bed. There is hardly time to see each other pass down the hallway. Luckily for those who work with family you not only see the faces of your loved ones but also interact with them making family life more fulfilling.

Family memories. When you work with family members you build special memories with them. It's important to create memories other than holiday events or trips to the zoo. You can remember how grandpa used to smell like wood chips after working the lathe in his wood shop. You can remember making delicious foods with your aunt at the bakery. These are solid joys that stay with you throughout your life. Life is short, and when a loved one is no longer with us, they take some of us with them. It's an important part of life to enjoy being around those you care for. Working around family gives you that much more time with those you hold dear.

So even though you may not see eye to eye with uncle Bob on which napkins to carry for the pizzeria, you have to remember to appreciate the time you share with him. Having your children grow up around family members by stopping by the hardware store after school is priceless. You teach love, life and business all in one shot. So no matter what about family makes you grimace, working with them will create many more smiles by far.
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