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Mortgage Marketing Techniques - Generating Mortage Leads

Oct 9, 2007
As a mortgage lender, you are constantly searching for prospective leads. Every lead is an opportunity for a sale and every sale is money in your pocket. One of the ways many mortgage professionals find leads is through the use of mortgage lead generating companies. The leads that these companies help you and other mortgage professionals get are called mortgage marketing leads.

The Advantages

By and large, mortgage marketing leads are more successful than other types of leads you might get. They are the result of deep and thorough study on demographics as well as economics. The resulting leads that are based on all that research produce a better chance of closure than most others you may get.
When you pursue leads generated from flyers or advertisements, there is no promise that the lead can even afford a mortgage. On the other hand, mortgage marketing leads are much more successful because there is research into the qualifications of the targeted customers.

Where They Come From

Most of the time, mortgage marketing leads come from call centers. While they are using cold-calling techniques, these are not your traditional volume cold calling centers. They use targeted people who are not on no-call lists. While current no-call lists and telemarketing laws have put a damper on the industry in some ways, they have also forced companies to select and target their calls with more research and accuracy.

Another place these lead generating companies get their leads is through the use of lead generating websites. These websites use great looking and intricate websites to attract potential clients. They advertise the sites on other sites where the targeted clients will be visiting. Once into the site, clients are encouraged to fill out a prequalification form that is then sent on to you as a lead.


Once the leads have been generated on the phone or through the website, there is usually a demographics and economics expert to look them over. After analyzing the location, mortgage amount, and overall situation of the mortgage, he or she will send the leads out to the mortgage company that best fits. The resulting lead you get will have a good chance of being closed. You will, of course, be paying a fee or a percentage to the lead generating company.

Know Your Market

Whether you are thinking of using mortgage marketing leads, you should probably make sure that you have a focus. Most successful mortgage companies and professionals specialize in a particular aspect of or type of mortgage. If you an tell the lead generating company what yours is, then you will get more focused leads for whom you can offer a more focused expertise. This will give you access to more exclusive leads with higher chances of being closed in a timely manner and putting more money in your pocket.

The Downside

There is a downside to mortgage marketing leads. For one, you have to pay for the leads. That is right, even if you never follow up or close the deal, you will likely be charged for the leads themselves. Some companies charge you as much as $70 per lead. If you are closing a good number of those, it is not a bad deal. On the other hand, it can get expensive and take money out of your pocket if the leads are not working out.

That is why you may want to explore different or at least alternative types of lead generation. The more you can put together yourself, the more money you save and the more money that ends up as profit for you. When you are in the mortgage business, you certainly want to make sure you are landing the most leads that you possibly can.


There is a way that you can form your own partnerships and have leads coming straight to you. These are leads where the closing rate is extremely high: first time home buyers who are already in the market. In some cases, they have even already chosen homes they like. What more can you want.

Look for a mortgage marketing system that helps you do these things. With such a program, you will work in tandem with real estate agents to turn renters into buyers and land their mortgage. These are the most sought after segment of the mortgage market, and you will be able to funnel them straight to your door through their realtors. So now is the time to start looking for that idea or that system that will lead you to all this success.
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