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Making Money Is Not Everything In Business....Right?

Oct 9, 2007
For most people there is only two reasons to be in business. They either love what they do and they want to make money doing it. If someone claims they aren't in business for the money they are either independently wealthy or not being honest with you. You may have heard people claim that if they didn't have bills to pay they would do the job for free. They're lying.

Many people honestly care about their family, their employees and the community in which they do business, but they also believe that profit is not a dirty word. They are providing a needed product or service and should expect to make enough of a profit from their activities to meet their financial obligations and have some left over for extras.

There are some employees who may believe the business exists solely to work them to death for poverty wages while the owner basks in the sun on the beach. If this is true, they need to find another job where the boss shares all of the profit with the employees or quit complaining. Very few bosses will take that kind of attitude and if you work for one like that, perhaps you should seek employment elsewhere.

In survey after survey employees rarely list their income level as the number on thing they like or dislike about their job. Most want to be trained to do their job and be made to feel good about performing their essential job functions. A pat on the back will go a long way. However, it won't be too long, if the profits are rolling in, for that employee to start questioning their real worth.

It is has been found that when a business that is making money shares the success with others who make it possible, the loyalty increases greatly, enabling them to make even more money. What a cycle that begins. Your business makes money, your people are happy and the customers are happy.

There are some groups, however that may believe that even the slightest profit should be shared with everyone, regardless of their contribution to the business's success. They will push the business owner to pay for things that may not be the owner's responsibility until they believe the owner is making no more money than the lowest employee on the totem pole.

What these folks fail to understand is that the owner probably spent years of hard work building the business from the ground when there was no one else to share the pain and the hunger of the early years. The people that are the recipients of the new generosity did not suffer the consequences of bad decisions in the early years and now that it's time for the owner to be able to relax and enjoy their success, there is someone trying to take it away.
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