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Second Hand Success - Finding The Right Home Business

Oct 9, 2007
Whenever you are seeking your own home business you may find it by purchasing another persons dream. Whether it is a home business, a brick and mortar storefront or office location or an online business, there are logical reasons for people selling their moneymaking - or not so moneymaking - business. Nor is the fact that the business did not score the current proprietor a bunch of money necessarily mean that you had better turn your back on it.

It is always crucial, as you are researching the possibility of purchasing another persons home business that you get at the root of the reason for the sale. If that proprietor did not make a financial go of it, maybe she or he did not afford it a sporting chance, possessed too many additional pursuits and distractions, was not knowledgable about the industry, or concerned sufficiently to be driven to win in that area. Maybe she or he, or a family member was sick. Maybe finances pressured that proprietor to retain employment elsewhere, stuck forever in a never-ending part time home business. Then, naturally, there are people that own a local business they work from their home, and they are relocating. Or they are retiring.

If any of these is the case, and you feel convinced you are getting the truth, then all you need to ascertain is how your conditions and your skills and pursuits could be a better, more effective fit. If you're positive that's the case, then give that formerly non-lucrative venture a go - if the price is right, naturally.

Business brokers can help you find the right home businesses to explore. The web can help also, although the latter is a scary place when it comes to tracking down business opportunities. This is the area where the biggest number of online business scams come out. It is critical, if you are scouring the web in hopes of purchasing an online venture, that you step very cautiously and acquire all the facts.

Once you pursue a home business that was previously owned there are a lot pieces of information you must have. In point of fact, some of this material is required by law. You need to ask for the business's most recent credit report - it's your right to see that.

Be sure also that you get the home business' due diligence package. What this includes is all the appropriate information the law requires that business owners supply you with. It is part of your right to make a knowledgeable determination. This package should have tax returns for the latest three years, any contractual obligations considered substantial. The latter could be contracts with utilities, with vendors, with contractors and subcontractors and even with employees. You will need to know, for certain, if any employee has a non-compete clause. Although this does not carry a lot of weight in the online business arena it is substantial protection for you if your market area is local.

Business ownership changes can be tumultuous enough that key people - people that feel allegiance and association with the prior owners - could become discontent and take their talents and their information about your new business elsewhere. You should also be given any article of incorporation. Another crucial piece of information that should be included in any due diligence package is all the particulars of any active or pending lawsuit.

No matter what type of home business you consider purchasing, you must be patient, diligent in your verification and research and not awestruck by the first chance that comes your way.
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Garland Choate (GR) is a retired Airline Captain who now is a successful home business entrepreneur from the USVI. A very profitable (and easy) home business can be started for free at http://www.optin2succeed.com/WAHWarriors-d
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