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How To Find Your Right Job

Oct 9, 2007
With all of the job placement agencies out there, it really surprises me how little information on jobs people have. It seems like people either assume they will like a certain field without any information on it, or fall into whatever career they get. When I was going through college, almost none of my friends took career placement tests, or even talked to a career advisor.

Some of them were going into their parents line of business, continuing a family tradition. Other ones were the first generation to go to college and wanted to make as much money as possible, worshiping success and the American dream. Although I wish the best for them, in reality things didn't always turn out the way they should. Without good job information, many of them ended up unhappy in their careers.

That is why I always make sure to get information on the job before I even go in for an interview. You see, with the current economy as it is, many people see information on jobs as a luxury. I know many college-educated people who are still happy to get any job that they can get. Nonetheless, in my opinion this is shortsighted thinking.

If you post your resume with one of the job placement companies and take the first thing that comes your way, it is likely to be something that won't really interest you. Taking a job that is below your abilities and not related to your interests is not only a poor way to find happiness, but a poor way to find economic success. Although you might do well in the short run, in the long run your lack of interest will be crippling.

The problem is that there is no one reliable way to get information on jobs. Although job information is available from a variety of sources, none of them are complete. Job counselors are often only familiar with a limited number of career fields. Finding a mentor can help you out, but it is no guarantee.

In my opinion, the best approach is to immerse yourself in as much information on jobs as you can before you even interview. That way, you will know ahead of time whether or not it is a job that you would like to have. Even more importantly, you will be able to dazzle your interviewer with your knowledge of the business. Seeming eager and informed is always an asset, especially when going into an unfamiliar field.
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