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eBay Home Business-Is it Really That Simple?

Oct 9, 2007
I'm sitting on my sofa in my family room and the phone rings-it's my sister. She's frantic. "Did a package come today?"

I paused and then replied back by saying "What did you order now?" You see, my sister is a self-admitted eBay addict. She refuses to get help. Why? Because she can find bargains and unique items on eBay she can't find at regular stores-even Wal-Mart. She outta know, she's a Wal-Mart addict too. In her eyes, she's saving money.

My sister is far from unique. EBay has a hold on people that psychologists can't even explain. My family has told my sister numerous times that she might as well start an eBay home business.

However, it's not quite that simple.

The opportunity to sell on eBay is something that anyone can do, however, before you go jumping into an eBay business, you need to know what to do in order to get these eBay addicts like my sister ordering time and time again. There are many sellers on eBay who make a few hundred here and there, while there are a few others who make thousands each and every single month.

What separates the two groups of sellers is knowledge. For example, you should know what products are in high demand, where to buy them, and which ones have a high profit margin so you can make huge profits over and over again.

In order to get people to click on your ads, you have to be able to write enticing ones. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of sellers "drop the ball".

You want to keep in mind that there are many people who know what they want when they go to eBay and there are just as many who don't know exactly what they're looking for and will click on ads that appeal to them.

With two million visitors per day on eBay, you want to be ready so you can be in the best position to take advantage of these ready to buy bidders and purchasers.

Unlike most businesses, you can start an eBay business without a lot of start-up capital. You don't even need a website or be technically savvy. A good camera and good lighting are the major physical requirements.

Once you become educated and learn the tricks and secrets of becoming a highly profitable eBay seller, you can have your business set up in hours if not minutes. That's why an eBay business has become one of the hottest home businesses to start today.
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