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The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

Oct 9, 2007
If you operate any type of online business, then it is vital for your to understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO. You will find it almost impossible to succeed if you don't because your competition will likely be engaging in effective SEO practices to promote their business.

Search engines are the most popular method that people use to find information online. All they have to do is type in a keyword or a phrase and they will get hits instantly with sites that are to have relevant information on that subject. Search engines have crawlers that continually check the internet for information and index it. This is what allows them to be able to come up with information you are looking for so quickly.

There are hundreds of different search engines out there, and each one has slightly different criteria for how they rank web pages. You need to focus on the larger ones that almost everybody uses though in order to have an effective SEO plan in place. Goggle is the most used search engine followed by Yahoo. MSN is quickly coming up in the ranks though so you should pay attention to it as well.

Search engines take their job of indexing and providing material very serious. They don't want to index information that is duplicated or that isn't going to offer what the consumer is looking for. They know it is important to their status in the online world to be able to offer the very best information or they will lose business to other search engines. While it is free to use a search engine, they make millions from advertisers that want to get seen on their web page.

The concepts of SEO are quite simple and complex at the same time. The overall concept is to write material for your web pages that contains the keywords and phrases that consumers are the most likely to look for. It can be difficult though to right material that meets the indexing criteria of the search engine crawlers yet at the same time it is readable to consumers instead of being chopping and not making sense.

In order to get your website optimized as effectively as possible you will need to incorporate several different concepts. Take a close look at what you have to offer and the competition you have. Do research to discover the most popular keywords and phrases that consumers are using in your target market.

There are several online sites that offer you this information, but at a glance you can easily type in any keyword or phrase and see what type of results you get. Take a look at the total number of hits. You will need to incorporate a variety of keywords and phrases to cover the most popular but you also want to incorporate creative alternatives that don't have as much competition associated with them.

You need to place these keywords and phrases in the title pages for your web pages. Make sure they are also placed in the Meta tags which is where the description of your web page will be listed. You won't have very many characters for the title or the Meta tag so choose your wording very carefully. You may find it is effective to have two different SEO campaigns in place with different keywords and phrases. This is an excellent way to find out which one is most effective. When you write material for SEO make sure the keywords or phrases appear in the opening paragraph and several times throughout the text.

The term keyword density refers to the percentage of the words that fit into that category for the overall text. It is a good idea to aim for a minimum keyword density of 5% and a maximum of no more than 15%. You want to use it as many times as possible for it to make sense but if you repeat it too often the material isn't going to get a good search engine placement and it will be distracting to readers.

Links to your site should be implemented in various locations to help you increase your search engine rankings. This is because each time the crawlers for the search engines look for new material to index, they will also pick up your information on those sites. If you aren't willing to put the time and effort into effective SEO practices for your online business you will need to hire someone to do it for you. It is almost impossible to have an effective online business without this practice continually in place.
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