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Lending Personality to a Website

Oct 9, 2007
There are currently over a hundred million websites on the internet competing for the eyeballs of visitors. How do you make your site stand out above the rest? The SEO and internet marketing gurus will repeat the old "content is king" mantra and will tell you to come up with something unique and original.

Fair enough. But how exactly does one go about doing this? What exactly is unique, original content? With the billions of pages on the net I think you'd be hard-pressed to to come up with something that is truly new and original that hasn't been published or presented in some way by someone else already.

One way to make your content unique is add a personal touch to it. There are 5 billion people on the planet, and everyone is unique. What better way to render a site unique than to lend it a unique character that mirrors one's own personality? The way we write, how we organize content, the words we choose, and even color scheme speaks to a site's personality and imparts some degree of uniqueness and originality to it.

In real life a person can stand out by possessing one or more exceptional qualities, such as charisma, intelligence, creativity, trustworthiness, or whatever. These qualities can be played out through a site's design and content to give it a certain personality.

When it comes to doing business online, people tend to be leery of whom they're dealing with. The anonymity of the web does not mean it is easier to mislead and deceive people. Rather, it means that we must work harder to build trust and loyalty online. If you feel good about the products or services and are prepared to provide them in good faith, why not design your site in a way that exudes your confidence?

The personality of a site can attract visitors as well as build loyalty in the site. While the internet may seem like a faceless, nameless medium, but it's the living, breathing people behind the websites that make things happen. As in real life, success in cyberspace hinges on one's ability to forge positive personal relationships online. As a frequent shopper of online goods and services, I feel more comfortable dealing with an online company when I feel that I know the people behind it. So, it's really not the websites themselves, but the people behind them, that influence my purchasing decisions.
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