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How To Submit Stories to Digg

Oct 9, 2007
Submitting stories to Digg is a simple process. The first thing you have to do, though, is sign up for a free user account. Once you choose a username and password and confirm your email address, you're an active member.

Every time you post a new article on your website or update your blog, submit the story by following these steps:

One, login and click "Submit a New Story" in the top right corner of the Digg site. Two, enter the Url of the story. This needs to be the link to the site you want people to visit. Three, click "Continue."

Four, enter a descriptive Story Title for your article. Treat this like a headline that needs to attract attention to your story description. Unless you make your headline intriguing, no one will read your summary or click on your link regardless of the quality of your actual article. The title can be up to 75 characters long.

Five, enter a Story Description. This is your own descriptive summary of the news story. Make your summary brief but interesting. If the headline is great but the summary is boring, no one will click because they'll think the article will be even more boring. You have up to 350 characters for the summary.

Six, choose the most appropriate topic. Click just one of the subcategories listed under the main categories. If your article doesn't relate to any of these topics, don't submit it. People will feel deceived if they click on your link expecting one topic but get something completely different. And they'll bury your article as a result.

Seven, verify the fact that you are human. Letters will appear in a shaded box. Type in the letters you see in the shaded box. This prevents unmanned electronic programs from beating the system and submitting tons of articles at once.

Eight, preview your story and click Submit.

Nine, before finalizing the submission, Digg requires you to check for duplicate entries. On this page, you'll be shown 5-10 possible duplicates. Verify that no one has Dugg your article yet, then click Submit.

Ten, congratulations! Your story is available for all to see!

But you aren't limited to just submitting articles you write. Digg allows you to submit any story you come across on the web that you like and think others would benefit from reading. But since the purpose is to drive traffic to your site, you'd benefit the most from submitting your own stuff.

Keep in mind that you can only Digg your submissions once. Trying to cheat the system by Digging it over and over again won't do you any good and will only get you kicked out of the community. Nobody likes cheaters!

Trust the system to work for you by providing great content. And if you want the system to work for you, help it work for others. Don't expect to get lots of traffic without giving something in return. So what can you give? Comments!

After reading through other articles in your area of expertise, you can post comments about the articles. If the article is informative and beneficial, support the author. Explain why you like the information and how it benefited you.

Add to it with your own knowledge about the subject matter and include a link to your site. If the article is lousy, don't trash the author. Be kind and simply state why you think the author is providing misinformation and how you can help set things straight. Once again, include a link to your site.

This creates the perception that you are an expert who wants your target audience to learn, grow and develop.
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