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Using Digg to Drive Traffic

Oct 9, 2007
Have you ever read an article in the newspaper and wondered why anyone considered it newsworthy enough to be included in the paper?

Don't you wish you could delete the unworthy article from the paper to prevent anyone else from wasting their time reading it? Or perhaps you came across a great article you wanted to make sure all your friends read. Don't you wish you had an easy, hassle-free system in place to inform your friends about the article?

Well, thanks to Digg, now such wishes can come true. At least when it comes to online news and information. And once you understand how Digg works, you can increase traffic to your site.

If you're not familiar with Digg, it is an interactive social news service. The expanded explanation is that the people are the press.

All the articles posted on the website are submitted by the online community. People such as yourself decide what the real news of the day is by voting for or "digging" online articles.

Articles rewarded with "Diggs" by readers become popular. If an article gets popular enough, it gets promoted to the home page of Digg. This is a valuable place to be considering Digg is one of the 100 most visited sites in the entire online universe.

That means millions of people visit this site each day. Which is a lot of traffic! As an online entrepreneur, your goal is to steer some of that traffic your way. But getting your article to the home page is not an easy road. Especially considering the flip side to the Digg equation.

The flip side is that readers can "Bury" articles they don't like. If enough people Bury it rather than Digg it, it gets buried within the site and can only be found within the profiles of the members who Dugg it.

The social aspect of the news-sharing capability also plays a major role in attracting traffic to your site. Readers have the ability to comment on the articles as well as Digg and Bury comments made.

In other words, YOU can comment on other articles and include a link back to your site within the comment. But before you can attract traffic to your site using Digg, you need to understand how Digg works for its readers.

As a reader, you can search by category, popular stories or upcoming stories. (Upcoming stories are the recently submitted stories hoping to become popular by receiving numerous Diggs.)

While technology was the original and only category, Digg has now expanded to include the following categories and sub-categories: Technology, Science, World and Business, Sports, Entertainment and Gaming.

The home page lists the overall most popular articles. To narrow your search, click on one of the categories at the top of the page. This takes you to the home page of the main category. From here you are able to narrow your search further by selecting a subcategory.

However general or specific your search, you have the option to view the articles that are recently popular or articles that became popular within the last week, the last month or the last year. Or you can choose to view the upcoming stories that haven't yet become popular.

Scan through the article titles and summaries. When you find one that grabs your attention, click on it. The link takes you directly to the web page where the article is posted. (HINT: this is how traffic is generated to your site.)

If you like the article and think others will benefit from reading it, Digg it. To do so, simply return to the Digg site and click the "Digg It" icon. You just cast your vote for the article and helped it become more popular.

If, however, you didn't like the article or don't believe anyone should spend their time visiting that particular site, bury it. When you click the "Bury It" icon, you get to choose the reason you're burying it: Duplicate Story, Spam, Wrong Topic, Inaccurate or OK, this is Lame.

You can also add your own comments to the article or Digg and Bury any comments others made about the article. And with every comment you make, you get to include a link to your site. This makes the traffic potential limitless. For free.
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