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Your Blog and the Digg Traffic Cycle

Oct 9, 2007
The best place to send Digg traffic to is a blog. Blogging gives you a quick and easy way to publish your ideas. Millions of people can then read and respond. In essence, blogs create open conversations between you and your audience.

Although you can and should share some personal anecdotes to personalize the site, you want to focus on posting content related to your niche. The goal is to be both personal and influential. When you create such a balance, people start talking and spreading the news about your blog like a virus across the Internet.

Digg is a powerful carrier of that "virus." By adding a "Digg This" button at the bottom of all your blog posts, readers of your blog can easily submit your article to Digg. Digg users who may otherwise never have heard of you now have the option to click on the link that takes them to your blog.

If they Digg your article, it grows in popularity. The more popular it gets, the more people see it. The more people who see it, the more traffic your blog gets. And on and on the cycle goes.

But getting traffic to your blog isn't the end goal. It's just the beginning. One place you want to direct traffic to from your blog is your email newsletter. Include an Optin form to your newsletter in the top right corner of your blog. By placing it "above the fold," visitors don't have to scroll down to get to your form.

Other places to direct traffic to are sales pages or affiliate sites. In other words, link to sites that lead to cash. Getting your article Dugg is, however, a critical first step. So here are five tips that will help you get noticed on Digg:

--Maintain a great blog. Update your blog on a regular basis with posts that contain at least four of these five elements: candor, timely, urgent, concise, controversial.

--Make sure your article is relevant to the category you're submitting it to. Posting your article in an unrelated category may increase your traffic, but that traffic won't be specific, targeted traffic. Remember, generic traffic doesn't convert well; targeted traffic does.

--Create an attention-grabbing title and summary. You only have a few words to draw people into your story. Make those words count.

--Comment on other articles. This is a powerful way to let your voice be heard. Take advantage of it.

--Participate in the Digg community and befriend others. This is an interactive social news service, so interact!
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