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How To Discover If You're in The Wrong Network Marketing Company

Oct 9, 2007
If you're anything like me, human, then you've made plenty of mistakes in life, not the least of which is choosing the wrong network marketing company.

Maybe it's the fact that you didn't read the policies and procedures before you signed your life away on the dotted line. It could also be that the person who signed you up kept the truth from you. More than likely it's a combination of both.

Either which way, you've still committed your money, time and effort to your company. Maybe I should say you committed your family's time, money, and effort. The choices you make affect your family and they're in business with you-whether you like it or not!

Perhaps now you see that the grass isn't as green as it was before you signed up. Here are just a few warning signs to determine if you need to re-evaluate your relationship with your company.

1. Your company keeps changing the compensation plan, but they tell you it's for the good of all distributors. Rarely is a change in the compensation plan a benefit to the distributors, especially if it's a publicly traded company.

Get out your nifty calculator and do the math and read in between the lines and see if you come out ahead. Keep an eye out on the misleading tricky words "you get paid up to."

It doesn't tell you:
a. How much you're going to get paid.
b. "Up to" means there are many requirements and stipulations you must meet in order to get you're your check.
c. That it could be a way out for the company to not pay out full commissions i.e. there's breakage.

Breakage is basically when commissions are "earned" but aren't paid out to the distributor force. This happens because a distributor didn't qualify for the required volume to get paid their entire commission and so their commission or part of it goes to the company.

Has this ever happened to you? Is this a great idea or not? You be the judge.

2. Your company makes outrageous income claims and health claims. In this day and age, it still astounds me to see companies saying their products can cure cancer and anything else under the sun.

I'm sure we've all seen run-away distributors who will say anything to sell you a bottle of $50 vitamins, but companies and their management team should know better.

They can get shut down faster than you can say Vitameatavegamin! And there goes your check, your time, money and effort down the drain. What is your company saying that can get them shut down? Be aware.

3. The product or service you're representing, flat out does not do what it is supposed to do. It doesn't work and the company knows it. Any ethical honest person does not feel good about representing such a product. You have to be in alignment with what you are selling-you must believe in it!

4. Everybody in top management is related-it's nepotism at its finest! You want a qualified management team leading your company no matter who they are. However, if all your top management team consist of mother, father, son, brother, uncle, brother-in-law, wife etc., then there could be a problem.

Why would this matter to you and your check you're wondering? If the CEO had an offspring in management and they weren't doing their job, how fast do you think the CEO would fire them? How qualified do you think they had to be to get that position to begin with?

Let's put it a different way. If you owned a company and your mother was in a management position and wasn't doing her job, do you think you could fire her easily? How much tension would the firing of your own mother create in your family? Would the business be the same after you fired your mother?

Do you see the point? I'm sure you've always heard that family and business don't mix. That is why. Ties that are that close are difficult to cut. All in all, you want the best person for the job, not favors done to family members. Remember their decisions, both good and bad will affect your check. You want quality over family.

5. Company sales are continually going down. If sales are continually going down, there is a problem within the company. You can only grow as fast as the company is growing. You definitely don't want to stay on a sinking ship that is clearly going under. Find out what the problem may be, perhaps the company is restructuring a few things or maybe they are having financial problems, in which case you may want to see what your options may be.

These ways are intended for you to take a look at your company and see if it is still a fit for where you are in life and if it measures up to your standards.

You have nothing to lose if you take the time and see if you made a mistake in choosing the company you're currently in. You have everything to lose if you think you've made a mistake and don't take action to correct it. Ask yourself, how long would you knowingly drive down the wrong way before you get the courage to admit your mistake and correct it? Hopefully not long.
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