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How to Avoid the #1 Fatal Mistake Internet Start-ups Make

Oct 9, 2007
I see it all the time. Maybe it's because I'm attuned to it, or maybe I'm hanging out in all the wrong places. Perhaps it's just a little of both.

The question people ask more often than not when starting a home business is: what is the best product to sell online? The obvious answer from anyone who's been online longer than a month is: what people will buy.

If there isn't a market for your product then you're out of business before you even start. End of sentence.

It's true you can sell practically anything to a few people who are nuts enough to want to buy it, but if you want to make a viable business out of it, then you want a hungry market that has a problem that needs to be solved.

You are in the problem solving business. Find people who are actively looking to solve a problem. You definitely don't go around asking strangers if they have a problem you can solve for them. That's taking the long way around approach, when it's easier and faster finding people who are looking for your solution.

Imagine a dentist going up to people in the grocery store and asking, "Do you have rotten decaying teeth and if so, it's your lucky day, cause I'm a dentist!"

That's an extreme example and there are dentists who do operate in that manner, but in a more subtle way. In the case of the dentist, the best way to get patients is to invite them in for something free and while you got them in your chair, ask them all the problems they are having in their mouth.

That's why when you go to the dentist they have you fill out a four page questionnaire where you reveal everything that is wrong with your mouth or in your dentist's eyes- every which way they can squeeze every penny from you or your insurance company. End of rant.

But you do see the point don't you? You don't want to force your solution down people's throats. Find the people who want a solution. It's easier, faster and more economical than trying to find a market after you have your product.

For the best longevity, find a hungry market in something that interest you, or something you're passionate about. It makes for a more pleasant experience while you build your business.

All in all, you'll meet people who will score a hole in one, by building a product first and luckily finding a hungry market that was receptive to it.

That is not the norm or should I say the smartest approach to building a business. Anyone can score a lucky break, heck even Don Rickles is funny once in awhile. Anything can happen.

But you want to go about it the way that gives you the most chance of success and that is finding your market first and providing a solution to them. This is how you will avoid making the fatal mistake most internet marketers make.
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