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MLM Success - How Bad Do You Want It?

Oct 9, 2007
Every time I turn around somebody is making an excuse why they can't become successful in their MLM business. I don't have enough money, or time, or education or nobody believes in me or, well you get the point.

Excuses are everywhere.

A little more than a decade ago, before MLM changed my life, I was driving an ugly green Ford Probe with more than 100,000 miles and bald tires. I actually thought it was a cool car when I bought it, but that's another story.

I had been in Chicago doing a meeting with the owners of our MLM company (I was the MC) and I got this crazy idea to expand my business in Chicago. Sound familiar? You get caught up in all the excitement that you just want to dive in. You start making plans that you'll never actually do anything about.

In all the excitement of this meeting it sounded like a good idea, but you see I live in Dallas and I didn't have the money to fly to Chicago. The reality of my sad financial situation hit me like a ton of bricks.

Well so much for that idea. I don't have the money, perhaps the biggest excuse that MLM failures will ever use. When you don't have the money, you don't have the money right? Wrong!

Instead of thinking you can't afford it, start asking yourself how you we afford it. Then it hit me I'll just drive to Chicago in an ugly car with more than 100,000 miles and bald tires! But I don't have the money to stay even one night in a hotel! SO I guess I can't go right? Wrong.

I'll just drive by myself for 22 hours straight. Sounds crazy doesn't it? If i need to sleep I can just stop in a rest area. How bad do you want MLM success and what are you willing to do to get it? Then another obstacle popped up. Where am I going to stay when I get to Chicago?

I met a really nice lady in Chicago and she said that Chicago needed somebody like me (I was in the "fake it till you make it" mode at that time, I was really really broke, but at least I thought I knew what I was doing) and she offered to let me stay with her.

When I called this really nice woman to take her up on her offer she said "can't you find somebody else to stay with?" Not exactly what you would call a warm welcome now was it? Well I guess I can't afford to go to Chicago right? Wrong.

I didn't let that stop me, and so I was on my way to stay with a total stranger, a 60 year old woman on the south side of Chicago, that I had just met and had talked with for only 5 minutes!

Some people might call me bold, some might call me crazy and some might say that I'm stupid! Wait till you hear the whole story before you pass judgment. On that trip I recruited one guy and only one guy. Sounds like a waste of time and money that one guy has become massively successful, earning more than $100,000 a year for himself and in the process has made me somewhere around $750,000! Now who's laughing?

I'm sure that I'm not the only person in the history of MLM to drive nonstop for more than 21 hours in a broken down ugly car with 100,000 miles and bald tires and stay with a woman they had just met to work in a city where they didn't have a single appointment on the hopes that it would payoff!

Yeah I know that was one long sentence but hey when you want something bad enough you're willing to break a few rules to get it, right?

Most people won't drive 30 or 40 minutes to grow their MLM business because although they may say they want to become successful, how bad do they really want it? Are you one of those people? How far is to far to drive if it will change your life forever?

So how bad do you want it? If you truly desire life changing MLM success, then you will do whatever it takes. We've already made $750,000 because I wanted success so bad that I could taste it. The rest of the story? That one trip will probably pay us MILLIONS over the lifetime of our relationship with just one person.

That trip to Chicago more than a decade ago has altered the course of my life and the lives of the people that I am closest to. What if? What if the thought of driving 986 miles nonstop was too much and I never went to Chicago. How many lives would have been affected?

By the way this doesn't mean that you have to drive an ugly car with bald tires and more than 100,000 miles across the country to become successful in MLM, but it helps. Broke people typically stay broke because they have a broke persons mindset. What's your mindset right now?

When you want what you have never had you must be willing to do what you have never done! So be honest with yourself, how bad do you really want MLM success?
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