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Oct 9, 2007
Article marketing is one of the most legitimate, ethical methods of getting traffic to your website and best of all, it is free! It involves the process of writing articles while also including a link back to your website and then submitting them to online article directories.

One major advantage that articles provide is the high quality leads that are usually generated from them. Although the results produced from articles are slower then other marketing methods, they will last a long time.

Here are a few things to remember when writing articles:

1. Know your target market.

2. Produce good, quality articles.

3. If you want your article marketing campaign to be a success then you must consistently put out articles.

4. Submit your articles to the appropriate categories within the article directories.

5. Your articles should contain keywords relating to the link you are promoting in your resource box.

6. Avoid using affiliate links in your article resource box. It does not cost much to register a domain and then you can forward it to your affiliate link. Do not waste time advertising affiliate links!

7. Put together an interesting and attention grabbing heading. No one will read your article if your heading does not give them a reason to see what it is all about. Many visitors have been lost due to short, boring headings.

8. Optimize the article heading and avoid overdoing your keywords in the body of the article. You would be surprised at how a well optimized heading helps your search engine ranking.

9. Use a spell checker and break up your information into readable chunks with allot of white space.

How can you encourage people to read your articles?

- Research before starting! Make sure your topic relates to the website that you are promoting. Determine your keywords before starting your article.

- The purpose of your articles should be to provide useful information. Avoid making them sound like an ad. You are not selling in your articles, but providing information that will peek your readers interest causing them to click on your link within your resource box.

- Avoid using any offensive language or content in your articles. This will impact your ranking on the search engines, not to mention offend some of your readers.

- If you recommend any other sites in your articles, make sure you check them out first. You do not want to be associated with any negative or inappropriate information.

- Try to avoid using affiliate links in your resource box. It is much easier to remember a short domain name then a long one.

The goal of any online marketer should be to reach their prospective customers by delivering a message that will help them build their business. The main purpose of article marketing is that it allows you to build credibility and create a relationship with your target audience.

What results can you expect from writing and publishing your articles?

1. Action. By providing valuable information to your target audience you can inspire them to action which will create more business for yourself.

2. Successful internet marketers know that getting people to their website where they can offer opportunities, collect email addresses, and get sales is a great way to build their business.

3. Better conversion of prospects to customers. Visitors that come to your website through your articles know what kind of information they are going to find and are more likely to participate in your offers.

4. Improve your page rank with one-way, inbound links. Articles provide inbound links directly to your website from a relevant source, thus your page rank for Google increases along with your websites traffic.

5. Expert status in your field of interest. You become known as an expert and gain much credibility in your industry when you publish informative, quality articles.

When writing your article remember that the resource box is the second most important part of your article, next to the headline. Your resource box is your "call to action". It is where you tell your readers what to do to get more information, while your article told them why they should get more information. Only include one offer in your resource box! One link that the reader can click on to go to your website. Make sure that link works before submitting your article. It is extremely important that your link contains a keyword or phrase that is related to you website. This will greatly help your search engine positioning. Your name should be included in the resource box as well as in the copyright at the end of your article.

Keep in mind that the internet constantly needs fresh, informative content to survive.

So take your time developing your article marketing campaign and by adapting a long term article marketing strategy you will have a much better chance of building your business. Think of it as an art. The more you do it, the better you get.

Copyright 2007 Joe Rispoli
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