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Articles: The Un-Asked Question

Aug 17, 2007
There are a number of reasons to use articles in your online business.

That is why it is quite common to hear people asking where they can get quality articles to use.

The un-asked question often is "What are you going to use the Articles for?"

Without the answer to that question, most any advice you get is pointless.

Nobody should assume when you ask about Articles,

#1 you are talking about the same thing they are talking about when they say "articles". #2 what you refer to as "articles," is the best way to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish.

However, when most people ask about articles they are referring to Private Label Rights Articles, and Free Reprint Articles.

There are a number of very good sources for Private Label Rights articles, and Free Reprint articles. Even a quick search on Google or one of the other search engines for either type of articles will present you with a huge number of potential sources.

For static content to fill up a web page, or to create a report or e-book, or to use as content for an autoresponder course, PLR Articles are superior.

If you are intending to use them in some form of SEO, where you would not want duplicate content (if you believe what "they" say about duplicate content), then you would have to go the extra step of either using some kind of software to manipulate the PLR Articles into something "unique", or have them ghost written, or write some yourself.

If you are simply looking for content rich in keywords, which is somewhat unique, and your purpose is to set up a "traffic" blog rather than a "relationship" blog, I would direct you to my website where I will give you such content for free.

But if you are trying to set up a "relationship" blog, by far your best course of action would be to write all the articles yourself.

If you just want tons of on-topic content, almost any free article directory will be of service.

Articles are rather easy to find online. The "best source" for articles is highly subjective and each person will have an answer which reflects their own biases and needs. The "quality" of an article depends upon who writes it, or rather, quality is in the eye of the reader.

But first you must determine if "Articles" are actually what you need.

So ask yourself, "What am I going to use the Articles for?"
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